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Etola Robinson, Nov 27, 1902

South Bend Ind.
Nov 27nd 1902

Fear Friend: have ment to write you some but am so buisy that it is hard to take time. Of corse this is the buisy season in the shop and they want me to work over time but I do not do it only once in a while when I can not very well avoid it. we have had three women to help us but they none of them suit. wish you could be here and help us. you would be better than all three of the ones we have had the work is not so hard but it takes a little common sence and some skill. I have been having some cold for a couple of weeks but it seems better to day the wind is whistleing through the crevices this evening. sounds as if we might have

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some cold wether. well we have had a pleasant faul any way. I suppose you are all ready for winter. I am as near ready as I shall be this side of January. I havent any thing new and shall not have untill I get out of the shop so as to have time to make something.

I have not been over to Joes since I was home. suppose your mother is there now. well I intend to go soon. Thanks giving is at hand are you going to have turkey? there has no one invited me to dinner so I suppose I shall have to eat alone. well I am thankfull to have something to eat. How is the grand daughter geting along? Tell Leib I am going to write to her next sunday tell her I enquired at one place what they were paying for honey and he said .1L but he had all he wanted then. Tell Tamerson to write to me she should note wate for me to write always

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as she has so much more time. Well I guess I must close for this time. with love to all I am yours,

Mixed in with the above letter is this undated letter. I believe that the two letters were sent together. The first Anna could share with the family and the second one not.

Well Annie I expect you are wondering how I am geting on with the matter I spoke of when home. Well I am working on the second lesson. do not have half time enough for study but think will get through all wright. wish you could study with me. but I will tell you what I am going to do. I have to send the printed lessons back at the end of the course, but I want them for refferance and shall coppy them when I get out of the shop and then will send them to you and you can learn them and send them back. of corse that will not secure you the diploma but it will give you the knowledge and it may come usefull to

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you some day.

There is nothing certin yet about my recieving the diploma but I intend to work hard for it and I believe I shall get it. If I do not it will be onley one more disappointment.

I did not see Barb Rose when I was home. come to the conclusion that as long as she had enlarged her business she would not care to take this up.

well good by and write soon.

your frind Toley


Toley may not have been a relative but I've become quite fond of her and was thrilled when I learned that she had started studying nursing! I was also very saddened that she had no dinner invitation for Thanksgiving. I wonder if her niece, Amelia was still living with her?

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