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Etola Robinson, Aug 2, 1903

South Bend, Ind (387)
Aug. 2nd 1903
Mrs. Anna Carlisle
Buchanan Mich

Dear Friend:

Your letter writen by Tamerson, reached me some time ago and ment to have answered it amediately, but was called to a case and so have not had time. The patient is now better and so I can write. It is my first surgical case and I have been here two weeks and a half.

I imagine you have had some nursing to do also, am so sorry Mrs. Carlisle met with such an accident give her my love and sympethy.

Is Frank at home yet? I think he might have run over and let me look at him.

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I am waiting patiently for the electric car to run from here to Niles and then am coming over. We have benn having an other carnival here but I did not go.

I have finished my corse of studdy but have not yet recd. the certificate they have five of my examination papers there yet. They are very slow, but of course they have so many. Well in the meane time I am geting the experience. (and some money).

Have not been to Joe's for some time. am working at the corner of Tarary avenue and sample st.s which is over by Studebakers shop so am to far from them to run over when I take my outing.

so Dr. Henderson has colapsed. I intended to send him one of my cards when I got the certificate thinking he might

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need my services sometime.

I wonder what is the matter of Lib I wrote to her a long time ago and have recd. no reply. is she so bisuy that she can not write?

I suppose you have no neighbors in the old house now. I have not heard from Abb for a long time. May was to see me the week that I came here. she came over from Elkhart where she was visiting only staid about two hours. she will soon have six children if she is luckey.

Is Tamerson coming over this summer> I wish she would she could stay with me if I am at home and I should be so glad to have her. expect shall be at home next week but of corse do not know. was called to this case without any warning. well I guess this is all this time. give my love to all but keep most for yourself. write soon Toley

Toley has switched from sewing to nursing.

Mrs. Carlisle was Anna's mother-in-law, Hannah Glover Carlisle. I wonder what type of accident she had?

Anna's son Frank was living in Hartford, Michigan in 1903 and 1904. Why was he expected home? Had he been traveling or was he just expected in Buchanan for a visit?

Joe Camfield was Anna's brother.

Lib was Anna's neighbor, Elizabeth Vorhees.

Abner Robinson was Toley's brother.

I have no idea who May was but feel like I should know!

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