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Francis Ashley Carlisle, Oct 11, 1905

Chicago Ill
Oct 11 .05

Dear Mother + All

I presume that you think that we must have dissapeared from the face of the earth as far as any news to the contrary are concerned. I explain: I wrote to you shortly after leaving and laid the letter up to mail it and forgot all about it + wondered why you did not answer. We have had quite a time since I left we were afraid that we would have to part with our little boy at one time he having cholera infantous and struggling with obstiriate teeth at the same time. We give thanks to God however that we have him still with us and much better though far from well. he was reduced greatly in flesh and

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yet looks very thin + peaked. we are feeding him on malted milk but not yet dared to entirely wean him. He has but seven teeth yet and we have to have each one lanced when they swell up. he talks some but his sickness has put him back so that he does not walk.

Added to this Mamie who has not been feeling well for a month caught cold from being up with the baby and now has either bronchial pneumonia or a aggravited case of la grippe. the doctor can not tell which. The doctor was in just now + she is no better this morning.

We have one of our Hartford girls helping us but she is suffering from severe cold + sore throat so that she must be taken care of too. Frances + I are the only ones too tough to succumb as yet.

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though I have quite a cold.

Frances does not get over her visit yet + extoles Tamerson to the skys admitting but one fault + that was that she called her "Pheeny." That was a happy thought on Tamersons part for it has broken her completely of calling any one else that name. She has allso the Grandmother question straightened out declaring that there was two grandmothers + a grandma (yourself) and a cat. How is Daniel making it in the wild + wooly West. I hope he will not follow fathers example of returning with a big hat + long hair + go to church in that costume for Grand mothers diersion. My work goes as usual though much harder as I am now at the University again studying Greek + Hebrew.

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If Chas Pears says any thing as to my taking that house Father can tell him that sickness has prevented my doing any thing about it to date but will take it up as soon as I can:

I wish father would find out some way to know if they repaired the building at all for the present family _ if so what sis they do. I want him to fix it up + not let him know that I have fully decided to take it untill he has done so as he is better able to do it than myself.

Well I must close now + go after some medicine.

Give My Love to All. Always.

223 - 100 Pl.
Chicago Ill

Poor little Sewell!

Did Ashley have a western trip too? Or is Frank referring to Ashley's service and travels during the Civil War?

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