Friday, January 1, 2010

What was I Doing?

Happy New Year!

With no company today, no kids to babysit, no snow to move and no housework that can't wait I slept late and then decided to read email.

In my email I saw that I had many comments to respond to. A couple were in reference to my resolutions post and I clicked on the link to Western Michigan University, dreaming with anticipation. I did a quick search to find the Tamerson Binns collection, however I searched for Carlisle this time and it appears they may also have copies of the letters from the Bentley Library in Ann Arbor! Do they have the diaries too!? That led to more poking around and I forgot about responding to comments.

WMU is also supposed to have some family or civil war photographs so I went looking for them too. Didn't find them but I started looking at the Civil War diaries that they do have and then at the photos they have. Another link sent me to.......

Seeking Modern Michigan where they have all kinds of good stuff. Found a newspaper collection (need to send link to Miriam!) and then started poking around the cemetery records for Oakridge in Buchanan. In looking for a family member I notice a record for someone with the first name Garnet.

Hey, there's a Garnet in my tree! Did I ever find what I needed on him? What was his name? He married one of the Osborn girls...oh yah, Hoback, Garnet Hoback. So I looked him up and sure enough I was missing some information for him and his wife, Leah P Osborn Mellin Hoback. Found the census records I was missing and the Polk County Missouri Historical Society where I can order there obituaries. Also found a link to there burial in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. Should add them to Find-a-Grave and request a photo.........

Interrupted by a phone call from my sister-in-law, I was reminded that yesterday, I invited several members of my husband's family to work on their tree with me at and three of the ten (so far) said yes. I figure strike while the iron is hot, so I should be uploading the information, documents and pictures I have to said tree. So I get back to that and I'm adding items I had long ago transcribed from Syracuse papers.

Of course I can't just copy and paste them, I have to read them! And of course reading them leads to questions that I must find the answers to now, while I'm thinking about it!! With his family it is often easier and more rewarding to search by address rather than try and figure out surname spelling variations.

So..... I had this blurb from the newspaper:
The Syracuse Herald, Wed, Feb 4, 1920, pg 6

Town Talk

Frank Barsuch Reported Missing ---
Frank Barsuch, 28, of 2308 Lodi street, is reported missing by his wife. Mrs. Barsuch says that the last time that she saw her husband was Thursday, when he left her in Salina street.

Was Frank ever found!? Enquiring minds want to know so I started a search for the Lodi St address. The first hit I got was from 1940 but being me, I clicked on it anyway, and right there near the top of the page in the delinquent taxes list were Roskopt, Andrew and Margaret at 1o9 Delong Ave and Klotz, Mary at 141 Delong Ave. My father-in-law lived at 108 Delong and both Roskoff and Klotz are names associated with the Grabowski family.

So I opened up my data base of family addresses and they're not there. I have no idea how they fit into the family puzzle so I add them and record the date of the paper.

Found a listing for the birth of a child for Frank Barsuch in July of 1920 so he must of turned up. Oh, wait, there were two men named Frank Barsuch in Syracuse at that time and very close in age. I guess I'll work on untagling them this afternoon!

I hope I find some focus this year!

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TK said...

ROFL!! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one. What I can't figure out, though, is how you managed to keep track of it all, long enough to turn it into a post! Way to go, Apple!! :-D