Saturday, April 24, 2010

Surname Saturday - Kelly

Due to the generosity of a cousin, I have recently been able to take my Kelly line back a generation to Ireland. My Kelly line begins with John Kelly who was born in the late 1700's in Ireland. (I'm working to narrow that down. Records I have found indicate 1783-1798). He married Polly Minchin, who was born about 1799 in Askinfarney, County Wexford, Ireland. They had nine children, all born in Askinfarney.
  1. John Kelly, born about 1819. He married Eliza LNU. They had at least two children, John and Minnie and lived in Adams, Jefferson, New York.
  2. Maria Kelly, born about 1821. She married Thomas Hennesy. They lived in Canada, Adams, New York and Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  3. Michael Kelly, born about 1823. He married Mary LNU. They lived in Adams, New York and had at least seven children; John, Ann, James, Philip, Mary, William and George.
  4. Catherine Kelly, born about 1826. She married Michael Flood. They lived in Adams, New York and had several children.
  5. Bridget Kelly, born about 1829. Married James Hennesy.
  6. Ann Kelly, born about 1832. Never married?
  7. Rebecca Kelly, born about 1835. She married James Quinlen and they lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  8. Eliza Kelly, born about 1838. Never married?
  9. Margaret Frances Kelly, born 1841. She married William H. Minchin in 1866. They lived in Ontario, Canada and had several children.

My line:

John Kelly c. 1798 Ireland > Canada > Adams, New York
> Michael Kelly c1823 Askinfarney, Ireland > Canada > Adams, New York
>> James Kelly  1856 - 1936 Canada > New York > Ontario, Canada
>>> Mary Leith Kelly 1900 - 1970 Calabogie, Ontario > Ottawa > Syracuse, NY
>>>> Harvey G. Berry 1926 - 2000
>>>>> Me


Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Great stuff! :)

I've managed to get back and do a little family history work myself... I'm just waiting for a couple more BMD certificates from the GRO here in the UK, I've already had 4 which have given me a little more info that I didn't already know.

Barbara Poole said...

Apple, It is nice to see your new line all layed out. See you have been busy. Nothing like this to take your mind off of a leg!

Janet Long said...

I have the rest of Wm. H. Minchin's journal, if you're interested. It has much more on his ancestors and his wife's - particularly the Gladneys. I'm happy to share. After all, we're cousins!!

Janet Long