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The Church at Oaks Corners - Part 2

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

Amanuensis Monday, hosted by John Newmark at Transylvanian Dutch.

I continue with the Sessional Records of the Church at Oaks Corners as published in the Phelps Citizen as a series in 1889. Part 1 is here. The full series is also available at Ontario County GenWeb.

The Phelps Citizen, May 16, 1889

Sessional Records of the Church at Oaks Corners.
(Continued from last week)

List of members of the Union Religious Society of Phelps, located at Oaks Corners, with time of their admission:

[Names without a date after them had ditto marks for the date above. I cannot get that to format correctly here.]

Lackey Morrow, Elder, Aug 7, 1806
Caleb Case. "
Letitia Harris,
John VanAuken,
Catherine Myers,
Joseph Griffith,
Mary Griffith,
John Griffith,
Jane Baggerly,
Margaret Morrow,
Eunice Seager,
William Hutchinson,
Mary Hutchinson,
Sally Barnard,
Catherine Carae,
Ebenezer Fields,
Anna Deit,
Mathew Denniston, Elder
Henry Farbush,
Phoebe Farbush, 1807
Elizabeth Howell 1806
Phoebe Doty,
Mercy Benton 1807
Esther Hobart, 1808
Caleb Phillips,
Sally Phillips,
Walter Norris,
Mary Moffatt,
Rahannah Hall,
Nancy Maynard,
Osee Crittenden, Elder
Lydia Maxwell,
Abraham D. Spoor, 1809
Amy Merry,
Irene Cooley,
Polly Parker,
Mary Moore,
Amanda Flint,
Caroline Melvin,
Fanny Bannister,
Temperence Jones,
Polly Woodard,
Hannah Moore,
Jacob Brazee,
Bildad Brooks, 1810
Rahannah Glover,

An intermission occurs of four years to the next admission.

Hannah Grover, 1814
Seth Chase, 1815
Letty Barden, 1812
George VanAuken, Elder 1814
Jamison Glover, 1815
Hamilton Bell, 1816
Thomas Bruce,
Sophia Bruce,
Elijah Case,
Cephas Field,
Ruth Hudson,
Lydia Taylor.
Laura Mosher, 1817
Mercy Humphrey,
Eunice Lang,
Margaret VanAuken,
Abigal Winter,
Busnell B. Downs,
Eunice Chase,
Enoch Wing, Elder,
Daniel Trowbridge, Elder,
Robert J. Griffith,
Maria Prescott,
Sabrina Webster,
John Partridge, 1818
Sally Trowbridge,
Reuben Stevens,
Mrs. Stevens,
James VanAuken,
Elizabeth VanAuken,
Freelove Beals,
Elizabeth Griffith
Mary Shattuck,
Mrs. Rogers,
Electa Partridge,
Sarah Ashley,
Thomas Eckley,
John Rose,
Susan Moore,
Anna Hubbard, 1819
Lucy Pullen,
Theodore Partridge, Elder,
Submit Brown,
*John Gates, 1808
*Archelaus Gates 1810
Arena Staats, 1816
*Deborah Flint, 1808
Lucena VanAuken, 1820
Loa Wells,
Jane Rees,
Sarah Rees,
Mrs. Clark,
Charles W. Glover, Elder,
Erastus Lovett,
William Frisbie,
Elizabeth Frisbis,
Elias W. Frisbie,
Sally C. Deming,
Abigal Glover,
Henry Hubbard,
Rhoda Crosby,
Jabez Joslyn,
Nancy Young,
Minerva Walt,
Abigal Baldwin,
Lucy Phillips,
Eliza Wing,
Ninera E. Glover,
Richard Smith,
Hannah Smith,
Elizabeth Disbrow,
Mary Hubbard,
Maria Paralee,
Persis Dickinson,
Jerusha Benjamin,
Mary Case,
*Chairty Humphrey, 1815
*Betsey Bennett,
Abel B. Hobart, 1820
Sophronia Gould,
Lovica Bigelow,
Betsey Stevens,
Mary Bedell,
Elizabeth Bedell,
John Jones,
Orrilla Grover,
Betty Densmore,
Mary Smith 1821
Harriet Brace,
Charles Yale,
Sally Yale,
Luana Bedell,
Charity Stevens,
Robert Harris,
Polly Glover,
Miller Eddy,
Lemerce Glover,
Milan Glover,
Samuel Glover,
Conway Wing,
Sarah Crosby,
Alfred D. Crosby,
George Bedell,
Mary Ann Williams,
Benjamin F. Hough
Mehitable Sumner,
Rebecca Phillips,
Elizabeth Humphrey,
Robert Cross,
George W. Glover,
Peter Cook, 1822
Rachel Cook,
Mary Hathaway,
Catherine Cook,
Nellie Kanouse
Silas Hathaway,
Sarah Beeman,
Diadema Brown,
Louisa Baker,
Experience Field,
Benoni Grover,
Enoch Eddy, Elder,
Samson Loyd,
Joanna Russell, (now Sheckels,)
Roana Nichols,
Harriet Hall,
Minerva Hickey,
Zachariah Drumb,
Hannah Drumb,
Caty Hathaway,
Jacob Hickey,
Francis M. Lansing,
Susannah Lansing,
Olive Burnett,
Samuel Wright,
Isaac Hathaway,
Elizabeth Simmons, (now Green,)
Jacob Cooper,
Jacopa Hovey,
Mary Hovey,
George Kanouse
Betsey Kanouse,
Ann Patterson,
Persis Baker,
Murana Hoburt,
Mary Lane,
Nancy Ford,
Parmela Foster,
John Whipple, Elder,
Elizabeth Hibbard, 1823
Asa Hovey,
Almira Hovey,
Ruth Hubbard,
Maria Guilford,
Mary Bigelow,
Peter Brower,
Catherine Brower,
John Brower,
Joseph Brower,
_inche Brower,
Joseph Brower,
Leah Brower,
Abram Crumb,
Catherine Crumb,
Abigal Wright,
Damaris Hall,
Catherine Christian,
Sophia Schutt,
Elizabeth Bruzee,
Lurena Sears,
Lucretia Bruzzee,
Rachael VanVoorhees
Sally Monet,
Peter VanBlaircum,
Mary VanBlaircum,
Enoch Crosby,
Nancy Colton,
Wealthy Burgess,
_10 in commision at this time.
Asahel Bannister,
Polly Bannister,
William Butler,
Esther Butler,
Benjamin Heartwell,
Jane Heartwell,
Eli Dickinson,
Abigal Parks,
Jacob Cook,
Harriet Stewart,
Diantha Lewis,
_ethuel Dodd,
Anna Dodd,
Eunice Merrill,
Nancy Gates,
Lucy Kellogg,
Sarah Dickinson, 1824
David G, Monet,
Jacob Hollenbeck,
David Shirrill, 1825
Elizabeth Shirrill,
Robert Allen,
Andrew Robison,
Jacob Gaul,
Darius Seager,
Mary Spafford,
Phoebe Stephenson,
Mrs. Whipple,
Girty Christler,
Sarah Lyons,
Mary Jane Morrow,
Dolly Covil,
Eleanor Bartholf, 1826
Winans Bush,

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