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Surname Saturday - Hall

I have two different Hall families in my tree. The first series of letters that I transcribed were called the Hall Family Letters. That line belongs to cousins through my Wisner / Badgley ancestry.

The Hall family that I descend from is:

>>Daniel Michael Carlisle, 1885-1960
>>>Isaac Ashley Carlisle, 1842-1929
>>>>Louisa Lambert Glover, 1801-1851
>>>>>Tamesin Hall Glover, 1779-1843
>>>>>>William Hall, c. 1740-1822

Family oral history says that William Hall was a ship carpenter and rope maker who decided to try his luck in Massachusetts. His obituary gave a few more details:
Geneva Gazette, 14 August 1822, page 3, column 3


In Phelps, the 10th inst. Capt. William Hall, aged 82 years, father of Maj. Joseph Hall.

Geneva Gazette, 21 August 1822, page 3, columns 3 & 4


The following obituary notice of Capt. William Hall, whose death was inserted last week, has been handed to us for publication.

Capt. H. was a native of Lyme, in England. Being deprived by death of his parents at the age of 14, he took to a seafaring life, which he followed as common sailor, and commander for twenty years; during which time he suffered shipwrck and capture five times, and narrowly escaped with his life the perils of the ocean and the murderous hand of the piratical Barbarian. During all the trying scenes thro' which he passed during his long life, he was never heard to utter an oath. His life was that of the righteous - and his last end apparently the same.

He married Ruhamah Andrews (or Andrus) c. 1867 and they had 12 0r 13 children. They lived at Conway, Massachusetts before moving on to Phelps, Ontario, New York.

I have a public tree at that has all of the records I have found to date. If you do not have a paid subscription and would like access to the tree please let me know and I can give you access.

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