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Elizabeth Warner Camfield, 26 Dec 1912

In this letter Libbie thanks Anna for the Christmas gifts they received. Anna was still making rugs and Libbie seemed quite happy with the one she was given:
They were all nice but the rug was is very nice and will last a good many Christmases and be looked at every day in between!

The photos from the Warner's 50th aniiversary had finally arrived and Libbie wasn't thrilled with them. She said she was enclosing one, however there is nothing like the one she describes in my file. I will include her description in hopes that it helps someone that does have a copy.
The first man next to Fred is brother-in-law Bert Bidwell, the one a little back of him Bert Harris, and next to him is his son Howard. his chin is cut off by sister Albie Bidwell's head. Next to her stands my oldest sister who lives in Neb., then is sister-in-law Mattie, at whose house Uncle + Father slept. her husband >Boltie stands behind her but you wouldn't reconize him if you could see him plainly because he shaved his mustache last spring and looks like "Abe Lincoln"! Sister Ola Harris stands next to Mattie then Ma's only niece, from Wis. is next her. The big man next and woman are friends, next man is a nephew of Pa/s. his wife is beside him. Brother Lawrence is next man with his wife in front, beside her is a friend, then is sister-in-law Jennie where Daniel and Fred slept. Perhaps Daniel will recognize the last one named friend as the school ma'am at Raymond's! Raymond is the next man, sister Aurie is the short one under his chin! Next to Raymond's shoulder is a cousin from Ohio her father sits in front of Aurie and her mother, the woman beside him with dark waist, the putside man, sitting, is from Ohio too, also the 2 old ladies sitting next to Ma. The next to last man standing is cousin nephew of Ma's, his wife stands in front of him, (the little woman) the two large ladies and remaining man are friends. Pa's brother sits next to him with his wife beside him, then Pa's sister, then the Ohio cousins of Ma's already mentioned. The woman next to me is a friend, and the one next to her should have sat next to Ma for she is Ma's brother's wife, the Mrs. Ruple, whose husband was the undertaker when Grandfather died, and she is the only living person, I believe, who witnessed Pa's + Ma's marriage. Probably Boltie's girl is the only one of the children you saw, she is the smallest of the two girls in front of Pa. The "tags" on us are soveniers pinned on after each had eaten to "tell who had eaten and who not"!!!

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Camfield, Elizabeth Warner (Chicago, Illinois) to “Dear Aunt Ann”
[Sarah Ann Camfield Carlisle] Letter. 26 Dec 1912. Digital Images 1-5.
Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Orlando, Florida. 2011.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1912,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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