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Family History by Tamerson Carlisle Binns, 1960. Part 1

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

Amanuensis Monday, hosted by John Newmark at Transylvanian Dutch.

The original of this document contains information about living people which I have removed. I prefer to transcribe items as I find them but in this case I felt the need to correct certain items and have therefor taken the liberty of highlighting in red information I believe to be incorrect. I have highlighted in blue items that I have reason to question. My corrections or questions appear [in brackets].

Because this was transcribed line by line the word wrap may make it difficult to read online. Also due to online formatting I have replaced ditto marks with the word they indicated.

I would be happy to share the original with other descendants. This is Part 1 of 3.


Family History, typed by Tamerson Carlisle Binns and sent to her niece, Vivian Carlisle LaValle, with a letter dated Oct. 13, 1960.

page 1

William Hall born London [obit says Lyme], England 1735 [c. 1740] was a ship builder & rope maker X settled
in Conway, Mass. He was a soldier in Revolutionary War, see Vol. 6 & 7 Mass. Sol-
diers & Sailors in Rev. War. Was married to Rhemhamah Andremer [others say Andrus or Andrews] born Wales 1735. [her last child was Christened in 1795]

David Glover Sr. born in England 1735. [Henry Glover born 1732, Milton, MA] trade blacksmith was a Captain in Revolu-
tionary War. [Private] He married Hannah Lewis born in Mass. in 1740.[1732, Dedham, MA]

The two above couples are given as the Grand Parents of David Glover Jr. and
Tammerson Hall listed just below. Note the difference in spelling of the
name Tamersonas Tammerson and was also spelled Tamisen some place back.

David Glover Jr. born in 1775 in Dedham, Mass. married to
Tammerson Hall born 1778 [1779 on headstone] & had 10 children.

1.Eveline A. Glover born 1800. Died 1897.[1896 per cemetery records]
2.Louisa Lambert Glover born 1801. Died 1851.
3.Orville B. Glover born 1804 Died 1852.
4.Lewis E. Glover Born 1805 Died 1863.
5.Malvina F. Glover born 1807 Died ----
6. William H. Glover born 1809 Died 1863.
7.Rheuhamah A. Glover born 1811 Died 1885. [found on 1892 census, death date unknown]
8.Ruban Glover 1815 Died 1887
9.Mentoria Glover born 1818 Died 11 mo. old.
10.Milton Glover born 1820 Died 1898. [other family records say 1897]
11.Hannah Lewis Glover born 1823 Died 1906.

2.Louisa Lambert Glover married Daniel Carlisle. She died from conegstive chills
(common in those days) at a neighbors funeral. [possible but doesn't ring true]

3.Orville B. Glover married Julia --- and had 5 children. [Julia Ann Carr]
1. Lowell Glover married Henrietta --- & had 5 children. [Maryette Harper]
2. Harrison Glover married Ellen Gates [Bates]& had 1 Ellen [Marian Elma?] who married Albert Stev-
ens [Stephens]who had Hugh & Georgia.
3. William H. Glover married Ann Simmons and had Orville. all dead
4. Jay Glover married Eliza Alexander and had Jay M. who married Belle Haslett
5. Tamerson Glover married George Merrill & had 2 sons. George died as a baby
7 Harrison married Lillie Shultz [alternate Shults]and had Lillie Tamerson.

5.Malvina F Glover married David Baily & had David & Mantoria.

7. Rheuhamah A. Glover married Mr. [Elijah] Smith & had Edgar & Frank. [Benjamin Franklin]

11.Hannah Lewis Glover married Daniel Carlisle as his 2nd wife in 1852. She was
a sister of his first wife Louisa Lambert Glover.

2. Louisa Lambert Glover was first wife of Daniel Carlisle and had 7 children.
1. Francis David Carlisle born 1832 was accidently killed working on railroad
& was buried beside the tracks in 1854.
2. Orville Daniel Carlisle born 1835 died 1900.
3. William Dwight Carlisle born 1833 died 1852. not married
4. Tamerson Zipporah Carlisle born 1837 died 1874.
5. Mary Elizabeth Carlisle born 1840 died 1925.
6. Isaac Ashley Carlisle born 1842 died 1929.
7. Fannie Louisa Carlisle born 1845 died 1905.

2. Orville Daniel Carlisle married Lydia Bartlett & had 3 daughters.
1. Clara Belle married Isaac Sewell. No children. Died 1946

2. Lilly May married Thomas Ghrist & had 1 girl died a baby & 2 boys Glenn
and John. Tom Ghrist died & Lillie married Chas. Burdisk. both died.

(born 1879 [1877]) 3. Mary Frances married Francis Ashley Carlisle & had 6 children. Frances,
Sewell, Dorothy, Dorothy, Richard, Raymond.

(born 1902) Frances married Edgar A. Mayes. They had Edgar Atterson who died day born 1923
(born 1926) and Albert Carlisle who married [living] & had [living]

(born 1904) Sewell Barlett Carlisle married Dorothy Wallace & had [may be living], [may be living] & Donald Canfield. [info removed]. Sewell married again.

(born 1908) Dorothy Jeanne Carlisle married Charles Omar Caster and had [living] who married [living] --- & they have one [living].

(born 1910) Raymond married Florence Jenerick & had [living].

(born 1915) Richard Carlisle Carlisle married Dawn & had no children.

Binns, Tamerson Carlisle. (Buchanan, Michigan) to “Dear Vivian” [Vivian Carlisle LaValle]. Letter. 13 October 1960. Digital Image 2 of 4. Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Orlando, Florida. 2011.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Genealogical Papers, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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