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Maria Plant, 14 April 1912

Burr Oak Mich
April 14th, 1912.

Dear Friend,

I received your good letter and was very glad to hear you arrived home safe.

My what a terrible storm I shall never forget it I thought so much about the dirve Mr Warner had going back but the wind was more at his back made it some better.

I was going to do some shoping in Bronson but have not been down since.

I was so glad to see you all I had known Mrs. Camfield so many years living in our Neighborrhood in Burr Oak the Pleasant memory bring back by gone years and pleasnt visits. I thought

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I must see her and you once more, she felt bad to think I could not see you when you was at the Noble farm once and the more I thought of it, the more I thought I must see you. And the beautiful letters she use to write, at her extreme age to.. I could not seem to give her up.. I shall miss her words and letters.. a dear old Friend of mine was near 90. died last spring in England. We have always exchanged letters.. and now I do miss them too..

I didn't think to go further than Bronson that day.. but when Fred said I could Just as well as not, I was very thankful for the chance for I could see Mrs. Camfield once more and realize she was gone. I appreciate your kindness very much.

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My husband was not as friendly as some with every one, but he seem to take to these old people very much.. she told us all about your life and how you came into the family.. and she wrote in her last letter how strange things turned out for her benefit.. how things had come around for her a home in her old age.. and to think how it all worked around for her. she was filled with wonder Love and praise My Dear Old Friends keep going one by one.. how much you look and appear like my Dear Friend Mrs Smith she died two years ago. My most intermint intermate Friend how I do mis her too..

how is your back now I hope its better or rather entirely cured.. the new grandson

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is that your Daughters child ahe has a nice family y now..

I was going to show you our house hear were I stay when we were coming into Burr Oak that day.. but Joseph Supprised me saying he hadent anything to do with Rosa for 7 years.. that is to bad its bad for children.. you say you stayd there house does she live with her girls.. its to bad. she was a happy go easy lady always pleasant and very good looking but a slack housekeeper -

Mrs Camfield youd to scold about it.. but i use to like her for all.. I think its so wrong for familys to part so. Mrs Camfield wrote something once made we wonder if she was there yet or friendly with her do you know how old Julia Seaver is a well we have Spring now shure but its rather Sote [?].. wheat is

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looking very bad around hear grass killed out to..

Will Watson has plowed to sow clover seed and is now plowing for potatoes.. so many have their Potatoes froze in the cellars this past winter was a tearer they are talking 2.00 for seed Potatoes we didn't have any freeze hear but the next thing to it. 5 fires going but this is a big house.. it did seem as if we never would see the ground again.. but our pot ___ wer tried and we now have sh __y it raind and haild to day about one o clock.. hail as large as hazle nuts was all but the Said around on the ground for half an hour we had our first auto ride to day. Will Watson

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has not ____to run it yet but his Brother was up to day and got it out so we had a good ride but had to hasten in for the storm came up so quick..

well its house cleaning now.. Ive been sewing for Mrs. Watson hear.. Made 3 Dresses, A Percales - a white Embroidery and a Blue silk an auto cloak. I have four others waiting so I shant have any vacation very soon

well I must close Im getting sleepy guess you will think so by this scribbling Mind wishes for all yes I did get your card Just as I sent mine

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for I did wonder if you got home all right grandma room will look lonesome for some time to you.. how we Miss their Voices and disurbe the precious thing that fingers have touched..

hopeing you write me occassionally.. and hope we will meet again some time

your ever loveing
Maria Plant
Burr Oak

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Buchanan is a much larger place than I thought it was thanks for the View you dont live very far from Main St or the farm either its a nice little walk.

I believe Maria's maiden name was Watson and that the Watson's named are her relatives.

My great grandparents, Joseph Harrison and Rose Arazina (Graham) Camfield split up but as far as I know never actually divorced.

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