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Marshall C Warner, 2 March 1912

Bronson Mich
Mar 2 1912

Dear friend Carlisle

The expression you made to ___ ___ you would take your ____ as to the future state has been in my mind very much and I have thought I would write you how I view the matter.

I take it by that expression that you so not believe the Bible for certainly no person who does believe the Bible would make such a statement that being a fact you make a mistake in using the word chances for there is but one chance for you and that is eternal darkness wheather in nihelation or in concuresness. But my dear friend I want to tell you that there is One God who is infinite in

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goodness infinite wisdom and infinite power and do you realize that by disbelieveing the Bible you make him a liar for he says that it is his Word in which he has declared the truth concerning himself and family. Thad by unbelief which is the greatest sin man can commit and disobedience mankind have seperated themselves from him which is an eternal seperaion with all that is implied by figures made use of in the Bible to discrube it

But he shows us this unbounded goodness toward us by preparing a way through repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by which we may be

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reconciled unto him: be born again, become a new creation morally and by a life of righteousness be made by his power and through his grace be made heir to eternal life whith all the glory that his word discribes.

Friend we may never meet again in this world but it is certain that we shall all appear at the judgement bar of God and as one who knows by an experience that there is One God and that the Bible is his word and that he has revealed himself to the world in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ I could not free myself from the obligation to give you warning and an exhortation to except

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Jesus Christ as your Saviour for there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved ' Acts 4.12

Hopeing that these lines may be taken in a friendly manner I subscribe myself as your well wisher and one who feels an interest in the welfare of all mankind

Yours respectfully

Marshall C Warner

P.S. My best respects to your wife and family we would be very glad to hear from you again.

M. C. W.

Marshall was the husband of Laura Ruple Warner. See yesterdays letter for more details.

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