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Ella Hall to Annie Carlisle October 17, 1876

Oct 17th 1876

My dear Cousin,

I will try and answer your very welcome letter but if my writing is poor please do not blame me for my fingers are sore. I caught a mouse the other day and he bit me twice and it is pretty sore now, I can scarcely hold my pen.

Grandpa is abed all of the time now again. Grandma is quite

page 2

smart now. She told me to tell you she wished you much joy and I join with her there and I hope you have a long and happy life before you. I am not married yet and I guess I will not be this fall unless my Iowa Farmer comes home after me he will sometime I guess. I have promised to go out there and keep house for him when he wants me and I hope he will not wait long for I am growing impatient to go into a home of my own. I almost envy you the happiness of housekeeping all alone by your self.

And you never told me what my new cousins other name is but I suppose he is my cousin all the same

page 3

and Annie please send me Mr Carlisle photo and when I get my husband’s picture I will send his to you. I would rather have yours and his taken together.

Grandma wanted me to ask you if Mr McKnight’s folks were there with yours. She said that your mother said they were coming to live with you in that house or at least she understood that they were,

If I had a piece of my new dress that I made this fall handy so that I could I would send you a piece but I can tell you what it is. It is plain blue

page 4

What was your wedding dress you never told me any thing about it.

Deette has got to be Auntie if she is not Grandma yet.

Elizabeth has a little almost four weeks old. Martha is not in Wis. Now she is out staying with Libbie now. she came home about the first of Aug.

Good night ever your cos Ella

page 4, portion written upside down

Deette is pretty well now.

Annie Culver is dead she died the 7th of October. I do not hardly understand exactly what her disease was they called it consumption at first but the Doctor said her lungs were not affected it was in her stomach. Consumption of the stomach I guess

top of page 1, upside down

It will seem natural to direct to Buchanan again but not so to write to Mrs Carlisle.

Ever your Cousin, Ella

Sarah Ann Camfield married Isaac Ashley Carlisle on October 2, 1876 in Berrien Co., MI.

I have no idea who the McKnight's were.

Ella and Deette's older sister, Elizabeth F. Hall, married Ephraim Belding on December 18, 1875. They had a daughter, Hermia D. Belding. In my file I have her birth date as January 27, 1876, from an unverified source. September 1876 makes more sense.

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Hall, Ella L (Fox Lake, Illinois) to “My dear Cousin” [Sarah Ann Camfield Carlisle]. Letter. 17 October. Digital Images 1-6. Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Snowville, New York. 2008. [Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1875 - 1876, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan]


Tex said...

She caught a mouse with her hands?!! I always used a broom for that job--

I've just returned from a family wedding where there were cousins by the dozens in the wedding party--this discussion of "Mrs. Carlisle" and wedding dress colors is sweet, too.

Apple said...

I can't imagine catching a mouse with me hands either! I think they could have used a cat.

I was very surprised that Annie omitted telling her cousins her new husband's name. I would have thought that her letter would have been full of all the details but apparently not.