Friday, December 26, 2008

Notepad Turns Blue

Snowville - Little Notepad was born on an assembly line sometime during 2006. He sat unwanted and unloved on a retailer's shelf until he was marked way down in 2007 and spotted by John who brought him home to his wife, Apple, who quickly fell in love and gave little Notepad lots of daily attention. Although he remained small on the outside he quickly grew full on the inside and managed all of Apple's picture and genealogy files with ease.

Notepad loved to travel and especially enjoyed touring Michigan earlier this year. He was just as content on the front seat of the car in a cemetery as on a library table or hotel desk. He and Apple were almost inseperable and he even went to work with her fairly often, where he had to spend most of his time in a bag behind her seat, only being let out for brief 15-20 minute stretches while Apple transcribed the historical letters that he guarded.

On Christmas morning little notepad recieved a companion, an external hard drive that he could share all of his files with. After sharing just a few very large files, Apple put both to sleep for an afternoon nap. When Apple tried to awaken him in early evening his screen had turned blue and was full of error messages. He showed further signs of being ill by continually rebooting. Apple blamed External for Notepad's illness but External and John's BIGlaptop play together well with no signs of illness. Further attempts by Apple to make little Notepad well produced dreaded lines and fuzziness across the screen bringing a lump to Apple's throat.
Every Gateway she's owned has succombed to the same fate - motherboard failure. Is this to be little Notepad's demise too?

Apple has not totally given up on little Notepad. Today she will try to nurse him through Safe Mode and if that doesn't work John has a trick or two up his sleeve. But fearing the worst, Notepad's father, Gateway, has already been contacted. Alas his father is no longer interested in him and instructions were given to contact his step-father MPC Corp.

Updates on little Notepad's condition will be posted as they become available.


Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Oh dear... Not good! I hope you you manage to nurse him better. Take care.

Miriam Robbins said...

Sorry to hear of Little Notepad's illness. We have made a point to have nothing to do with either the Gateway or Dell families, having too many friends and family members with similar stories.

Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

I love the way the personified your trusty little friend. We really do come to really on these "creatures", don't we?


Becky Wiseman said...

Oh, how sad, there's nothing worse than losing a friend or family member at Christmastime. At least, if it is Little Notepad's mother board that is bad then the hard drive should be able to be moved to another 'puter to pull off the files. At least, I hope so... good luck with that.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Thanks for the sympathy everyone. It's still under warranty but I'm not hopeful. We pulled the hard drive and tried to read it with another computer and it seems to be gone. At least we have no shortage of computers here and I have backups stored at my sister's house.