Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Envelope Please!

Best Picture

The judging was very difficult in this category but there can only be one winner - "Wordless Wednesday - 1952." I made a collage of pictures of my mother that were taken by my father. Dad graduated from Country School of Photography, South Woodstock, VT in 1950 but I have very few pictures that were taken by him.

Best Screenplay

The judges were unanimous in their choice for best screenplay, "Hall Family Letters." The series begins with young cousins sharing lives through letters and follows them through their lifetimes as they share news of weddings, births, deaths and day to day life. All parts will be played by their descendants and will star Apple as Anna Camfield Carlisle and Margie as Ella Hall McKinnon.

Best Documentary

The winner in this category was a mini-series written for the 45th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy: Cars as Stars! The series began with "Grandpa Loved Franklins", followed by "Driving Full Circle" and the final installment, "Cars as Stars"!

Best Biography

The judges had great difficulty choosing a winner in this category as there simply were no actual biographies shared here last year :-( After much debate the judges selected "A Pink Ball Gown", which was written for the 55th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy: Show and tell. It was chosen because it offered a glimpse into a very important period of my grandmother's life.

Best Comedy

The judges were most frustrated by this category as it seems my funny bone was broken last year. The closet thing to humor that was found was "Wells Fargo Stage Coach." How much would you pay to take a photograph?

The gala party for the 2nd annual Academy of Genealogy and Family History Awards will be held at Creative Gene with Jasia as your host.

Note to Apple - write more biographies and attempt humor this year!!!

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