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Have I found Bridget Kelly?

I have been working at tracking down the children of John and Polly Minchin Kelly and it has not been easy. I still have not found most of them on the 1850 or 1851 census. From clues in William Minchin's Journal I knew the married names of the daughters and that two of them lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I was able to find them there and work my way back, sort of. In his journal, William Minchin only said that Bridget Kelly married James Hennesy - not a lot to work with.

In working on the other girls I found Bridget's sister, Rebecca Kelly Hennessy and her husband Thomas on the 1870 census in Will, Will, Illinois. Very close by, in Monee, Will, Illinois I found James and Bridget Hennesy.

1870 Monee, Will, Illinois

James Hennesy b abt 1825 Ireland
Bridget b abt 1836 Ireland
Mary b abt 1863 Illinois
Helen b abt 1865 Illinois
Catherine b abt 1866 Illinois
Sabina or Sabrina b abt 1868 Illinois
Joanna b 1870 Illinois

By 1880 Rebecca and Thomas Hennessy had moved on to Grand Rapids, Michigan but I found the following record in Englewood, Illinois which is north of Will, Illinois. The years do not match up. Bridget either died or changed her name to Ann. Helen is now Ella. Catherine is using Katy. Joanna is missing. Sabina's year of birth has changed but so has everyone elses! I do believe this is the same family.

1880 Englewood, Cook, Illinois

J D or J P Hennesy abt 1830 Ireland
Ann abt 1835 Ireland
Mary abt 1864 Illinois
Ella abt 1865 Illinois
Katy abt 1868 Illinois
Sabina abt 1870 Illinois
Dora abt 1874 Illinois

The 1900 census clears up the Bridget - Ann mystery! The girls names are right but look at the birth dates! Bridget had had six children, only five still living so Joanna died and Sabina is elsewhere? Again, I believe this is the same family but the dates are bothering me. Until I can find more records for this family I can not be certain I have made the right assumptions.

1900 Chicago Ward 31, Cook, Illinois

James Hennecy May 1833 Ireland
Bridget Ann Aug 1839 Ireland
Mary A Mar 1872 IL
Ella Sept 1874 IL
Katherine Mar 1877 IL
Dorothy Jul 1878 IL

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