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John and Eliza Kelly, Adams, NY

John Kelly was born about 1819 in Askinfarney, County Wexford, Ireland, the son of John Kelly and Polly Minchin.

From William H Minchin's journal:
John born 1819 died Adams village NY left one son also called John born about 1862 and one daughter Minnie

The first record I find for John is a transcription of the 1855 New York census, Adams, NY. He was in the home of his parents: John, Jr, age 37 born Ireland; resident 4 years; laborer. So it appears he immigrated in 1851 along with his mother and at least two of his sisters.

I have not been able to locate John on the 1860 US or 1861 Canadian census. I did find a marriage record for his sister, Rebecca, that placed her in Caledonia, Halimand, Ontario in March 1859 and that led to finding on the 1861 Canadian census, Rebecca Kelly Quinlan in Paris, Brant, Ontario and another sister Maria Kelly Hennessy in Seneca, Haldimand, Ontario. There are some John Kelly's in the area but I have not been able to say for certain that they are this John. There were other family members that remained in Adams, New York

From the census information that follows, I deduce that John and Eliza married between 1860 and 1863 and that they were living in New York by 1863.

At the time of the 1870 census John had returned to Adams, NY. Page 66, Dwelling 603, Family 626. Because his birth is listed as about 1828 and his father's as about 1783 I might question if this was the right family, however this family group matches what his brother-in-law, William H Minchin wrote (above).
  • John Kelly, age 42 b Ireland; Day laborer
  • Eliza Kelly, age 26 b Ireland; Keeps house
  • Johnnie Kelly, age 7 b New York; School
  • Minnie Kelly, age 4 b New York; at home
  • Martin Burns, age 50 b Ireland; Day laborer
  • John Kelly, age 87 b Ireland; Day laborer
Who was Martin Burns? Was he Eliza's father or simply a boarder? Where was Polly Minchin Kelly?

There are a few newspaper clippings from between 1870 and 1880 that may or may not refer to John Kelly and none of them provided any significant details.

John and Eliza Kelly are next found in 1880, Adams Village, Jefferson, New York; page 6, family 58.
  • John Kelley, age 60 b Ireland, Blind, no occupation
  • Eliza Kelley [crossed out and the word "dead" added], age 40 b Ireland, keeps house
  • John Kelley, age 17 b NY, day laborer
  • Mary E Kelley, age 14 b NY, at school.

I have no idea when or by whom Eliza's information was struck out but I believe it was in error.

The next I found was a clipping from 1889 that indicates to me that both John and Eliza were still living. Their daughter, Minnie would eventually marry Reginald Richly.
Jefferson County Journal, February 1, 1889; page 5
Reginald Richly, of the U. S. navy, stationed on ship “Chicago” at New York, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly, Phelps street, last week.

Another clip that indicates that Eliza's death listing was in error:
Jefferson County Journal, December 24, 1895; page 5
- Mrs. John Kelley, of Phelps street, brought to this office a dandelion in blow, which she picked in her yard Saturday; Dec. 21. Quite an unusual occurrence for this season of the year.
Based on the next clippings, I believe that John died between 1889 and 1896.
Jefferson County Journal, April 21, 1896; page 5
Reginald Richly, who has been visiting Mrs. John Kelly, has returned to Brooklyn, where he has taken his old position as policeman in Cypress Hills cemetery, that city.

Jefferson County Journal, Sept 3, 1896; no page shown

Sheriff’s sale – County of Jefferson, as
By virtue of an execution issued put of Supreme Court of the State of New York, against
The goods and chattels, lands and tenements of Eliza Kelley and to me directed and delivered I have seized all the right, title and interest which the said Eliza Kelley had on the 4th day of June, 1896 or at any time thereafter in and to the following described premises, which I will sell at public auction as the law directs at the law office of E. F. Ramsdell, in the town and village of Adams, Jefferson county N. Y. on the 24th day of October, 1896, at 11 o’clock a. m. to wit: All that certain west half of the following described land and premises situate on North side of Phelps street in said village of Adams, Jefferson county, N. Y. and bounded as follows, viz: Beginning at a hub in the centre of said Phelps street, In said village at the _ E. corner of the lot first described in a quit claim deed from Solon D. Hungerford and wife to John H. Whipple, bearing date June 1_, 1851, and recorded in Clerk’s Office in Jefferson county, N. Y. in liber 117 of deeds at page 4; and running thence N. _ _/_” E. along the easterly line of above named lot first described in said deed from Solon D. Hungerford and wife to John H. Whipple, and adjoining lot fronting Clay street is said village of Adams known as lot No. 4 tow chains 56 ½ links to a hub in a Southerly line of Lot No. _, thence along said Southerly line South 7_ 8’ 1 East one chain __ links to a hub in the center of Phelps St. aforesaid, thence North 79.56 West one chain __links to a hub in the place of beginning. Containing ________ of an acre of land be the same more or less.

Hereby intending and meaning to sell at public auction as aforesaid the west half of the above described premises and being the same premises now occupied and in possession of said Eliza Kelley.

Dated, Adams, N. Y. September __, 1896.
Edward Barton
Sherriff of Jefferson County, N. Y.
By D. W. You__, Deputy

I have not found an obituary for either John or Eliza Kelly. Neither is found on the 1900 Adams, New York census.

I hope to travel to Adams later this summer and will update this post as I find more information.


Barbara Poole said...

I enjoyed this piece, and even looked up Adams, NY on the google map. Re: Martin Burns, did you find him in the 1850 or 1870 census? He could be Eliza's father, you are right. Any death cert. for Martin or Eliza?
Also, any idea how people from Adams would have gotten to Michigan? Is this family whose papers are there?
I hope you get to Adams.

Barbara Poole said...

Sorry, I meant Martin in 50, 60 or 80? At least the word verification is simple, BATON.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

My mother is from Michigan and the letters and papers in the libraries there relate to her family. The Kelly's are my father's side and are proving hard to track. I have found several Martin Burn's on other census' but not in Adams so I have no idea which one he is. I only pay for records in my direct line so no death cert. for this group.

Northern New York to Michigan is generally easy - travel across the Lakes. Not sure this group took the easy route though.