Saturday, June 5, 2010

Surname Saturday - Berry

My maiden name is Berry. My line starts in Syracuse, NY and travels back to Ottawa, Canada and to Blockley, England.

>Harvey Gordon Berry 1926-2000; Syracuse,Onondaga, New York
>>Kimberly Powell Berry 1900-1984; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
>>>Joseph Berry 1871-1903; Blockley, Worcestershire, England
>>>>Thomas David Berry 1829-1907; Blockley, Worcestershire, England
>>>>>Abraham Berry abt 1803-1854; Blockley, Worcestershire, England

Abraham and Ann Berry had the following children:
  • Sarah Berry, born 1824 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire, England. She had a daughter, Lucy Ann Berry b. 1852. Sarah married 1st in 1856, George Hawker and they had a daughter, Eliza Hawker b 1862. She married 2nd in 1872, William Haines and their daughter was Anne Berry Haines b 1873. 
  • Anne Berry, born 1826 Upton Old, Blockley, Worcestershire, England. She married John Shepard in 1849. They had a daughter, Ann Shepard b 1850. I have not traced Anne further and she most likely had more children.
  • Thomas David Berry, born 8 Sept 1829 Blockley, Worcestershire, England. He married Jane Rawlins (Rollings, Rollins, etc) in 1851. They had the following children in Blockley, England. 1) James 1852-1902, married Elizabeth Coney. 2) Caroline 1854-1856. 3) Sarah Ann 1856-? 4) Amelia 1857-1859. 5) John 1860-? 6) Caroline 1862-1930, married Arthur J M Wilson. 7) Mary 1863-?  8) Charles 1868-1961, married Annetta E. Hollington. 9) Joseph 1871-1903, married Charlotte T.K. Hollington [sister of Annetta] Thomas and Jane moved to Canada in 1874 accompanied by their youngest five children. They had one more child born in Ottawa 10) Amelia 1879-1906. Thomas died in Ottawa 11 May 1907.
  • Mary Ann Berry, born 1831 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire, England. She married John Hopkins in 1854. Their children all born Bourton on the Hill, Gloucestershire, England: 1)Daniel 1857. 2) William 1862. 3) Frank 1867. 4) Kate 1869. 5) Thomas 1871. 6) Ellen 1874. 7) John Aulter 1880 or 1881.
  • William Berry, born 1833 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire, England.
  • John Berry, born 1835 Guiting Power, Gloucestershire, England.
  • George Berry, born 1837 Aston, Blockley Parish, Worcestershire, England.

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Unknown said...

Interesting...I don't think I've ever seen the name Kimberly before the 1960s. My daughter's name is Kimberly.

TCasteel said...

For reseaching ancestors in the UK I have more recently had good luck on the TNA (UK national archives site).
Just thought I'd pass that on to you.