Sunday, December 3, 2006

Index for Susan "Rose" A Graham Camfield

Rose was my great-grandmother 

A Rose by any other name....

Big Ooops - misidentified photo

Descendants of Sarah Ann Wisner

Did They Marry Young?

Graham Family - Part 1 

Graham Family - Part 2

Graham Family - Part 3

Graham Family - Part 4

Irish Homework

Ruby Blanche Camfield

Where Were They 100 Years Ago?


Sarah Ann Camfield, 28 April 1877

Sarah Ann Camfield, 29 May 1877

Rose Graham Camfield, 1 Sept 1877

Joseph had a new job; Freddy's pictures; "Annabell" learning to walk; mentions Mcknight's, Binns, Mr. Matthews, Myra Goodrich, Craig, Mr Ingersol.

Sarah Ann Camfield, 18 Oct 1880

Rose Camfield to Ann Carlisle, 1 Oct 1906
Henry S Wisner expected for visit; family update

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