Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sarah Ann Camfield, 24 May 1887

Noble May 24 1887

we are going to Bronson this morning we just got your letter last night so I will write a few lines to let you know we are well a usual I have not got done white washing and cleaning house yet it is slow work when you cannot work only 2 or 3 hours a day I feel pretty wel but cannot stand it to work but a little while at a time
I think Faney wrote us a very nice letter for alittle boy

well you have chosen the very name I had for the baby
I suppose you and Ashley are not at all pleased with it being a girl as you said nothing about it
in haste write as often as you can
S A Camfield

The baby was named Tamerson Louisa, for her great-grandmother Tamesin Hall Glover, Ashley Carlisle's maternal grandmother so I find it odd that Sarah says, "well you have chosen the very name I had for the baby".

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Camfield, Sarah Ann Wisner. (Noble Center, MI) “we are going to bronson”
[Anna Camfield Carlisle]. Letter. 24 May 1887. Digital Image.
Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Snowville, New York. 2009.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1887 - 1889,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]


Tex said...

One of my dad's cousins told me that a great-aunt had named many of the children in the family. Like you, I found it interesting that she chose names from the line she wasn't related to. And that she knew THOSE family names as well as her own.

Apple said...

Tex - It is surprising that she knew the names but sometimes I think extended families were closer years ago.

It wasn't until I reread this that I realized that the baby was named for both her great-grandmother Tamesin Hall Glover and also for her grandmother, Louisa Glover Carlisle.