Saturday, April 3, 2010

Surname Saturday - Carlisle

My Carlisle line begins with David Carlisle, born c. 1702 in either Ireland or Scotland and his wife, Leatis, born c. 1705. I have no idea when they immigrated or if they were married before they left for Massachusetts or after they arrived. The first record I find for them is a birth record for their daughter, Elizabeth, born 1732, Concord, Middlesex, MA. They lived in Concord, MA; Harvard, MA; Lunenburg, MA and Walpole, NH.

They had at least eight children but only three were named in David's will, dated 11 March 1769:

Daniel Carlisle, born 1738 Harvard, MA; married in 1766 to 1st wife, Lydia Conant, born 1737 and they had three children; married in 1776 to 2nd wife, Lydia Pierce, born 1756 and they had eight children; Daniel died 1794, Westmoreland, NH

David Carlisle, born 1741, Lunenburg, MA; married in 1765 to Sarah Cummings, born 1740 and they had ten or twelve children; David died 1797, Walpole, NH

Lettice Carlisle, born 1742, Lunenburg, MA; married in 1762 to Samuel McCrackin, born c. 1739; they had at least 10 children; I have no date or place of death for Lettice but most likely eastern New York.

My line:

David Carlisle, c. 1702 - 1769  Ireland or Scotland > Massachusetts
>Daniel Carlisle, 1738 - 1794  Harvard, MA > Westmoreland, NH
>>Daniel Carlisle, 1767 - 1822  Westmoreland, NH > Western New York
>>>Daniel Carlisle, 1797 - 1872  Westmoreland, NH > Buchanan, MI
>>>>Isaac Ashley Carlisle, 1842 - 1929  Edwardsburg, MI > Buchanan, MI
>>>>>Daniel Michael Carlisle, 1885 - 1960  Buchanan, MI

I would be happy to connect with other Carlisle descendants. I have much information on all lines of David and Leatis' descendants.

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Currently there are 198 posts labeled Carlisle. Many of these are family letters and many others merely mention the Carlisle family. The links below contain information that I feel others researching the family useful and/or interesting.

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Barbara Poole said...

Any idea where David died in MA? Concord is not far. Also, I have my brick wall ending in Batavia -- arrived early 1800, prob. knew your ancestor. I also have some lines buried at Maple Lawn Cem. in Bethany.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

David is buried in Lunenburg, MA.

Who is your Batavia connection? I can place both Carlisle and McCracken descendants in that area. I haven't been to Bethany in a few years. A small, quiet place.

Barbara Poole said...

First, Happy Easter to you, your family and esp. your mother. I am sure it will be a happy one.
Batavia connection is my Adams line, which I did last Sat. But, I forgot to tell you, his son b. 1817was Carlisle Adams!! I read your McCracken posts for this Carlisle Surname Saturday.

hypermoverjeff said...

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