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Daniel Carlisle, 7 Dec 1862

Dear Wife Sunday Evening Buchanan Dec 7 1862.
We recivd yours of DecNov 30 on the 4th the Bundle you
Sent by the man has not come I have just been to see
I think he was not honest the reason Fannie had a little
more clothing saved was she got home in time to help
Take her own out some of it She + Mary were Nere when the
Fire first started and the door Locked they were helping
t_rs grain get her things out the unwise plan of leaving
A house alone which you know I have always been
opposed to we see now the impropiety, + danger the reason
the drawers were not taken out Strangers to the house
as they were knew not where to look for it Tameson
Having directed the cleaning the house + put everything
in a new place + upside down + put the Bureau in to
 the Butrey where no one would think Looking for it
Had it Been in the front room where I have Always
wanted it would have been saved a matter of fine I have
always thought of but my Family have always disregarded my
advice in these matters there was nothing nothing taken out
of the butrey unless the spoons were Stolen no remains
Have as yet Been found of them I forgot to mention in
my Last that the letter with the 2$ in money came
all right it being Southern money it was difficult
geting rid of it I made out to At last I would not
_ind on take any, none of it taitt not go here.
Orville Started night before last to Ganoiss Porter County Ia
For the sale of the history of the rebellion + tok with
Him some maps to pay his expences

page 2

I received a letter last night from R B Ashley
with 10$ in it to pay the freight on a Box of things they
Have started us containing some Bedding some clothing
some dishes table cutlery + perhaps articles he did not
mention May Heavens Blessings rest uppon such friends
Mr Havens over the river gave some flour + potatoes last
week + and said when he butchered he would doe more
It has Been hinted that the folks in the river Bend are
making two quilts for us But the most novel Case
is that of Poor A C Day After giving a stack
of hay to me + Russell he Rusel went to see him to know
where to go to Draw We Were going to gather to get it
that day he told Russell he Had to take Some Cattle
on a debt + could not Let it go poor man he ought
to have a contribution + I hope he may never be Burned out
he would Dispair + die he has just Bought 100 + 20 $ dollars
worth of Furs for his wife + two daughters What doe We
live for Julia has given Some Small Articles since I wrote
she + Henry + Tameson ___  Are one A long visit now with
Harisons team to Erolls + Lowells Pats + cbrills Mary is at
Camens yet + Fannie At Deweys have not Been
Home Tamerson says Mary must come + help her She
Can get no time to Sow there is about 3 inches of snow
But no Sleighing ground froze hard Weather
cold and Blustering the machanics that were Burned out
have All got shops + going on again with Business
_ times Are hard every thing in the hands of merchants
__ are high Salt 4$ pr Barrell J R was here yesterday

page 3

We are to have a series of meetings commencing on the 17th
To hold four evenings At the Bretherin House. Brothers Stro__
and Livermore are expected the arrangements are all made.
A Society has Been organized Trustees are Baker Boswell
Stott Epley Woodbridge + Carlisle N Y Boswell Chairman
H Epley Treasurer + Clerk The Masons Are to have a great
Ball at union hall third storey of new block on Chrismass
The Procedes of Which are to furnish new traps + trinkets
of gain for their Loss the Poor up have it Always with
you But they are Sometimes forgotten by theere Neighbors
The aristocracy must Be assited + held up Post has hired
out his Stand to a man from york state Mr Mason +
Mr Hinman have both moved out of Mrs Harrisons house
She is alone Wants us to go in to it I would have done
So had it Been empty soon enough I think I had better
Stay here this Winter her place is much handy en to Water
She Wants you to come home very much We are
sitting none comfortably fixed But have to keep freeing
the draft for filling the new regiments is to be made.
on the Bo__ it is expected this town has furnished
Her Quota governor Blair made A great Speech
in union Hall on the evening of oct 18 - one thousand
People Were in the Hall + five hundred out side
that could not get in He is reelected in Spite of all
opperition and I Am glad the Whole State ticket
Republican three cheers for _ Mich

D Carlisle

I wish there was more detail about the history Orville Carlisle was taking to Porter County, Indiana and what were the maps he took with him?

R B Ashley = Roscoe Boyd Ashley of Rochester, NY, nephew of Daniel Carlisle. With his father he ran a hotel, the Clinton House, and surely had extra items to donate to the family.

A C Day = Andrew C Day. On the 1860 census of Buchanan Township Mr Day had real estate valued at 15,000 and personal

Julia Ann Carr's third husband was Henry Hall. She also had a daughter named Tamerson Glover, from her 1st marriage to Orville Glover.

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Carlisle, Daniel. (Buchanan, MI) to “Dear Wife
[Hannah Glover Carlisle]. Letter. 7 December 1862. Digital Images 1-7.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, FL. 2012
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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Hannah Glover Carlisle, 30 Nov 1862


Sabath Evening Nov 30
Post Hospital

Dear Husband

I recieved your on the
28th I was verry glad to heare of the
safe arival of the box what was the
express on it I sent a letter the week
before $2 in it did you get it or not
last Monday I sent another small
bundle by a man that has been
discharged from the Michigan Regt
had I known it in time I could
of sent a large bag I knew
nothing of his going untill fifteen
minets of the time for his going to
the bout I could not write on friday
we have one hundred and fifteen
in the hospital agreat deal to do
quite a number of verry sick men
five have died within the last ten
days with the typhoid fever

I have recieved several telegraph
dispatches and answered them as Matron of
the hospital to friends in regard to
sick friends hear the last dispatch was
to have the body of a young man sent on to
Cleveland his parents are verry old and
sick they could not come to see him or
come after his remains I write from two
to six letters for the sick per week thare
quite an excitement heare in regard to
moving the hospital down to the rivere
and put it on an old boat that the
government fixing up for a hospital
purpose three story hight it seems as
though some that have a little power
are trying to sink the government by
extravegance this place is fixed up so
nice the expence has been ten thous-
and dollars yet they prepose to leave
it and go some way whare else to
make more expence the souldiers are
geting out of all patiece because
they do not get there pay some

(next page)
have not received pay for the last six
months and most of them have
family depending on them for all
they have three weeks ago three men
were shot they had been paroled three
times and as soon as they could get
back joined gurillars one in the
guard house sick now sentenced to
be hung on 17th of next month he
being Captain of a gurrila party
he protests his inocense but that will not save him two week ago
a young man from Detroit Came
to Columbus got drunk and under
took to run the guard was told to haulted
would not the guard shot him the
ball pased through his right side
he was brought heare he is doing well
the provost keeps a guard at the
door of the room whare he stays the
provost thinks he not a safe person
to be at large when he is able to be
moved he will be taken to the guard house

the weather has been beautiful untill
to day it quite cold and stormy seems
like winter it has been verry dry did
not rain for five weeks the dust was
terrable I feel so greatful to those
who have shown themselves friends
in this hour of need adversity tells
whare we may find true friends
pleas thank Mrs. Morris and Mrs
Harrison Eply for me for their
kindness to my family when in
trouble I can hardly realise that
the house and all of its contents
are burned up well we must do
the best we can I am very thank-
full that no acident befell
the family it seems as though
I could not endure it yet I know
I can and will do so write as
often as you can a week seems
a long time to waite for a letter
send a paper ocasionly if you can
your truly and affectionately
H L Carlisle

She referenced the Rouse Telegram.

I believe she meant Mrs Harrison and Mrs Epley.

For more see: Carlisle Family Letters

Carlisle, Hannah Glover. (Columbus, KY) to “Dear Husband”
[Daniel Carlisle]. Letter. 30 November 1862. Digital Images 1-4.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, Florida. 2012
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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Tamerson Z Carlisle, 27 Nov 1863

Buchanan Mich Nov 27 1863

Dear Mother
We had a thank-
s giving sermon preached here
to day by Brot. Hoag. not a great
many out, but few to prayer
meeting yet _____ he to claim
the blessing a very good meeting.

Your letter came on
Tuesday eve in reference to
purchasing things in Chicago
I can Numerate or name (at
least what I would get)

Bell has nothing to wear on
her head for nice I say nothing
she had a little merino bundle
but I do not want her to were it
get her a nice white leg horn
hat & velvet ribon to trim
with and I will trim it we have
some strings short will do

page 2

she ought to have something
to wear round her for nice you
can get some kind of ladies
cloth I should think that
would be the cheapest and shoes
a nice pair (no. 10) she has common
things, I got a nice clasp for
her beads but when I came home
her beads were burned

I wish that you
would get a table spread
black & red good size, and
a lamp get a freilly one,
some cloth for a __ __
I want a pair of nice shoes
____ ___ what kind you
would like some nice gloves
if he'd n__ and Mary needs some
__ have more things ____
__ ___ bowl and more things
____ what ____ __ got here
I wish that you could get

page 3

you a black band cloth coat
get the cloth in Chicago and
1yd of black silk to trim it with
why would it not be a good ___
to take your ____ ___ __
Bell a dress & cloak and
get you a nice dress of
some kind black silk would
be the most durable you have
earned the money now get
something nice for your-
self if you do not you
never will have any we
have a good living much
better than at some other
times so mother when
people write say it is your
business if you so not
get a black silk get a nice
winter dress do not get a
anything for Fannie unless
it is a ___ dress she needs
one she is earning money

page 4

and can pay you for it
she has had more things
than the rest get some
nice things for yourself
even if you do not choose
to make them now I wish
that you would could get a large
____ there you can buy
five just as well as one we need
some more sheets. Pa needs
some slippers he is very well
provided for. if you get Bell
a white hat it will do for ____
there they are worn more now. we need
some table cloths people bring me
things long one at a time so we
will _____ without buying if we only
wait we had some ____ _____
and vegetable dishes one or two platters
if things of this kind are sent in I
will write but Ii think more will be sent
get thimbles & I wish we had a wash bord
& pitcher, we have an idea that Uncles
folks will send a box of things, write often
I hope that it will not be long before
you will come home.
Mr. ___ has married a couple

page 5

since he came here first a
wedding then a funeral
_____ Blake died two weeks a
go and already her babe weighed 11
lbs. both were buried in the
same coffin she was sick
2 1/2 days they tell a good
storey for her said that she
died happy her _____ relig-
ion then others say that
she was miserable and said
nomething anout it Brot. Eldrich
preached the funeral sermon
Maria Black (not Mrs. McKee )
is at home very sick dangerously
so. so it is _each pleasure
_____ _ ____ too. clouds
dim even lifes brightest hours
Mary White is married to Mr. Mc-
Intire of White ____. Lourinda
H-----il-- to ____ Sarlsbery

Page 6

Rubena Terrier to Horace Strong
Sarah Franier where I used
to board to Mr. Huston and
to day at the Passonage a
Widower was married to a
young girl 17 he being 28 years
her seignure he has 3 childrene
and she is his 3rd wife Aunt
Julia's family are well she
wonders why you do not write
her I told her that you were
very busy Mrs Harrison's is so anxious to have you come home, we are trying
to have better ____ing ___ __
church and what a time willMrs. ___kill and a few others
but we ___ to procede. Mrs Hoag
is our _____ ___ I can
barely get a long with the
work it takes me all the time
to do the house work we have
conciderable compnay most ___
however at meal times

page 7

Orville soon thinks of ____
is going to sell ___ ___
various ____ expects to get
the agency for selling the
history ___ the rebellion for
their county - & ____. he is
__ the same it makes
me more work to wait on
him but it will have to be
endured. The Sabbath ___
is quite s----ing. Mr Johns
or Miller has the Bible class
I have a large class of boys
& girls more methodist people
seem to be coming in, we
wxpect some new ___ __ __
___ the Sab. D. this week
well I must close I have
got Well fired up quite ___-
__able. so good night.
Yours Truly
T Z Carlisle

page 8

Father ___ ___inished ____ting I
thought to make out the _____ement big sending
a line We are usualy well Bell was quite sick last
night but all is right to day Fannie & Mary are
still absent we looked for Fannie home on the
train Sat. Eve however she did not come
I have written for Mary we are comfortably fixed
up now except myself I have just got the rest
se_dy to __ when Mary comes I shall do the
sewing. Mrs. Grain [?] gave Bell a hat, hence you will
not need to get her one if we wait lomg enough
people will send us what we want I would
not pay out any money for sheets or table cloths
as I write you as fast as they come in I will
write. I hope that you can come ere long.
Uncles folks want me to come and spend the
winter there. Mrs. Harrisonn says tell you that she
____ __ her general health is decidedly better.
withe the exception of her eye the cancer is getting
well she used a copprerass whary she has not been able
to write any letters for several months on account of
her eye. I wish that you could find time to write her
she says that she misses your letters very much, sometimes
our church almost sinks for want of eficient ____
_____ the Adventists are using a great deal of ____ ___
to keep things along they should __ ___ ___ ____
their strength ___ I dont wonder) some days I have
a dozen calls the coverage __wene is from six to eight I get
along pretty well but it takes me nearly all the time
to do the house work. Aunt Julia has a great many tings
that would be of use to use but she is careful not to give
much. Today has been very cold.

[paper turned, wriiten across top of page]

were a
good many
out __
I wish
that you
bring home
that coinfiscasted
every thing
also that
we need
Mrs. Gentef_rield
brought house things
as for
securing fre__
for fa__
kindness to ___
you wanted
_arn _ __ to see Se___
one valueable article
nothing ____
I cinsever [?]
the usual ___ of ____
I hope by our will __ __ forever
what did your think
of y__ & ___ regard
Yo o d__ing __.


Obviously, I really struggled with this one. Tamerson's handwritting is  very pretty but hard to read. There are other letters by her and I did not struggle with them as much as I did this one. I must have know that it would be difficult, I took 23 images, almost three per page. I will revisit this letter at a later time and see if I can do better.

I did not find a letter from Hannah asking about shopping in Chicago.

Horace F Strong married Robina A Terriere, 13 Nov 1862. Dibeans marriage index for Berrien County.

William Huston married Sarah E Frame, 6 Nov 1862. Dibeans marriage index for Berrien County.

I have written previously about the Buchanan Fire of 1862.

For more see: Carlisle Family Letters

Carlisle, Tamerson Z. (Buchanan, MI) to “Dear Mother”
[Hannah Glover Carlisle]. Letter. November 1862. Digital Images 1-23.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, FL. 2012.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]