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Hannah Glover Carlisle, 30 Nov 1862


Sabath Evening Nov 30
Post Hospital

Dear Husband

I recieved your on the
28th I was verry glad to heare of the
safe arival of the box what was the
express on it I sent a letter the week
before $2 in it did you get it or not
last Monday I sent another small
bundle by a man that has been
discharged from the Michigan Regt
had I known it in time I could
of sent a large bag I knew
nothing of his going untill fifteen
minets of the time for his going to
the bout I could not write on friday
we have one hundred and fifteen
in the hospital agreat deal to do
quite a number of verry sick men
five have died within the last ten
days with the typhoid fever

I have recieved several telegraph
dispatches and answered them as Matron of
the hospital to friends in regard to
sick friends hear the last dispatch was
to have the body of a young man sent on to
Cleveland his parents are verry old and
sick they could not come to see him or
come after his remains I write from two
to six letters for the sick per week thare
quite an excitement heare in regard to
moving the hospital down to the rivere
and put it on an old boat that the
government fixing up for a hospital
purpose three story hight it seems as
though some that have a little power
are trying to sink the government by
extravegance this place is fixed up so
nice the expence has been ten thous-
and dollars yet they prepose to leave
it and go some way whare else to
make more expence the souldiers are
geting out of all patiece because
they do not get there pay some

(next page)
have not received pay for the last six
months and most of them have
family depending on them for all
they have three weeks ago three men
were shot they had been paroled three
times and as soon as they could get
back joined gurillars one in the
guard house sick now sentenced to
be hung on 17th of next month he
being Captain of a gurrila party
he protests his inocense but that will not save him two week ago
a young man from Detroit Came
to Columbus got drunk and under
took to run the guard was told to haulted
would not the guard shot him the
ball pased through his right side
he was brought heare he is doing well
the provost keeps a guard at the
door of the room whare he stays the
provost thinks he not a safe person
to be at large when he is able to be
moved he will be taken to the guard house

the weather has been beautiful untill
to day it quite cold and stormy seems
like winter it has been verry dry did
not rain for five weeks the dust was
terrable I feel so greatful to those
who have shown themselves friends
in this hour of need adversity tells
whare we may find true friends
pleas thank Mrs. Morris and Mrs
Harrison Eply for me for their
kindness to my family when in
trouble I can hardly realise that
the house and all of its contents
are burned up well we must do
the best we can I am very thank-
full that no acident befell
the family it seems as though
I could not endure it yet I know
I can and will do so write as
often as you can a week seems
a long time to waite for a letter
send a paper ocasionly if you can
your truly and affectionately
H L Carlisle

She referenced the Rouse Telegram.

I believe she meant Mrs Harrison and Mrs Epley.

For more see: Carlisle Family Letters

Carlisle, Hannah Glover. (Columbus, KY) to “Dear Husband”
[Daniel Carlisle]. Letter. 30 November 1862. Digital Images 1-4.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, Florida. 2012
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
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Joan said...

Not only are these great letters for your family, but what a wonderful view of the times. Hannah's description of the civil war hospital and the activities she saw are priceless. Thanks so much for sharing.