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Daniel Carlisle, 7 Dec 1862

Dear Wife Sunday Evening Buchanan Dec 7 1862.
We recivd yours of DecNov 30 on the 4th the Bundle you
Sent by the man has not come I have just been to see
I think he was not honest the reason Fannie had a little
more clothing saved was she got home in time to help
Take her own out some of it She + Mary were Nere when the
Fire first started and the door Locked they were helping
t_rs grain get her things out the unwise plan of leaving
A house alone which you know I have always been
opposed to we see now the impropiety, + danger the reason
the drawers were not taken out Strangers to the house
as they were knew not where to look for it Tameson
Having directed the cleaning the house + put everything
in a new place + upside down + put the Bureau in to
 the Butrey where no one would think Looking for it
Had it Been in the front room where I have Always
wanted it would have been saved a matter of fine I have
always thought of but my Family have always disregarded my
advice in these matters there was nothing nothing taken out
of the butrey unless the spoons were Stolen no remains
Have as yet Been found of them I forgot to mention in
my Last that the letter with the 2$ in money came
all right it being Southern money it was difficult
geting rid of it I made out to At last I would not
_ind on take any, none of it taitt not go here.
Orville Started night before last to Ganoiss Porter County Ia
For the sale of the history of the rebellion + tok with
Him some maps to pay his expences

page 2

I received a letter last night from R B Ashley
with 10$ in it to pay the freight on a Box of things they
Have started us containing some Bedding some clothing
some dishes table cutlery + perhaps articles he did not
mention May Heavens Blessings rest uppon such friends
Mr Havens over the river gave some flour + potatoes last
week + and said when he butchered he would doe more
It has Been hinted that the folks in the river Bend are
making two quilts for us But the most novel Case
is that of Poor A C Day After giving a stack
of hay to me + Russell he Rusel went to see him to know
where to go to Draw We Were going to gather to get it
that day he told Russell he Had to take Some Cattle
on a debt + could not Let it go poor man he ought
to have a contribution + I hope he may never be Burned out
he would Dispair + die he has just Bought 100 + 20 $ dollars
worth of Furs for his wife + two daughters What doe We
live for Julia has given Some Small Articles since I wrote
she + Henry + Tameson ___  Are one A long visit now with
Harisons team to Erolls + Lowells Pats + cbrills Mary is at
Camens yet + Fannie At Deweys have not Been
Home Tamerson says Mary must come + help her She
Can get no time to Sow there is about 3 inches of snow
But no Sleighing ground froze hard Weather
cold and Blustering the machanics that were Burned out
have All got shops + going on again with Business
_ times Are hard every thing in the hands of merchants
__ are high Salt 4$ pr Barrell J R was here yesterday

page 3

We are to have a series of meetings commencing on the 17th
To hold four evenings At the Bretherin House. Brothers Stro__
and Livermore are expected the arrangements are all made.
A Society has Been organized Trustees are Baker Boswell
Stott Epley Woodbridge + Carlisle N Y Boswell Chairman
H Epley Treasurer + Clerk The Masons Are to have a great
Ball at union hall third storey of new block on Chrismass
The Procedes of Which are to furnish new traps + trinkets
of gain for their Loss the Poor up have it Always with
you But they are Sometimes forgotten by theere Neighbors
The aristocracy must Be assited + held up Post has hired
out his Stand to a man from york state Mr Mason +
Mr Hinman have both moved out of Mrs Harrisons house
She is alone Wants us to go in to it I would have done
So had it Been empty soon enough I think I had better
Stay here this Winter her place is much handy en to Water
She Wants you to come home very much We are
sitting none comfortably fixed But have to keep freeing
the draft for filling the new regiments is to be made.
on the Bo__ it is expected this town has furnished
Her Quota governor Blair made A great Speech
in union Hall on the evening of oct 18 - one thousand
People Were in the Hall + five hundred out side
that could not get in He is reelected in Spite of all
opperition and I Am glad the Whole State ticket
Republican three cheers for _ Mich

D Carlisle

I wish there was more detail about the history Orville Carlisle was taking to Porter County, Indiana and what were the maps he took with him?

R B Ashley = Roscoe Boyd Ashley of Rochester, NY, nephew of Daniel Carlisle. With his father he ran a hotel, the Clinton House, and surely had extra items to donate to the family.

A C Day = Andrew C Day. On the 1860 census of Buchanan Township Mr Day had real estate valued at 15,000 and personal

Julia Ann Carr's third husband was Henry Hall. She also had a daughter named Tamerson Glover, from her 1st marriage to Orville Glover.

For more see: Carlisle Family Letters

Carlisle, Daniel. (Buchanan, MI) to “Dear Wife
[Hannah Glover Carlisle]. Letter. 7 December 1862. Digital Images 1-7.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, FL. 2012
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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Hannah Glover Carlisle, 30 Nov 1862


Sabath Evening Nov 30
Post Hospital

Dear Husband

I recieved your on the
28th I was verry glad to heare of the
safe arival of the box what was the
express on it I sent a letter the week
before $2 in it did you get it or not
last Monday I sent another small
bundle by a man that has been
discharged from the Michigan Regt
had I known it in time I could
of sent a large bag I knew
nothing of his going untill fifteen
minets of the time for his going to
the bout I could not write on friday
we have one hundred and fifteen
in the hospital agreat deal to do
quite a number of verry sick men
five have died within the last ten
days with the typhoid fever

I have recieved several telegraph
dispatches and answered them as Matron of
the hospital to friends in regard to
sick friends hear the last dispatch was
to have the body of a young man sent on to
Cleveland his parents are verry old and
sick they could not come to see him or
come after his remains I write from two
to six letters for the sick per week thare
quite an excitement heare in regard to
moving the hospital down to the rivere
and put it on an old boat that the
government fixing up for a hospital
purpose three story hight it seems as
though some that have a little power
are trying to sink the government by
extravegance this place is fixed up so
nice the expence has been ten thous-
and dollars yet they prepose to leave
it and go some way whare else to
make more expence the souldiers are
geting out of all patiece because
they do not get there pay some

(next page)
have not received pay for the last six
months and most of them have
family depending on them for all
they have three weeks ago three men
were shot they had been paroled three
times and as soon as they could get
back joined gurillars one in the
guard house sick now sentenced to
be hung on 17th of next month he
being Captain of a gurrila party
he protests his inocense but that will not save him two week ago
a young man from Detroit Came
to Columbus got drunk and under
took to run the guard was told to haulted
would not the guard shot him the
ball pased through his right side
he was brought heare he is doing well
the provost keeps a guard at the
door of the room whare he stays the
provost thinks he not a safe person
to be at large when he is able to be
moved he will be taken to the guard house

the weather has been beautiful untill
to day it quite cold and stormy seems
like winter it has been verry dry did
not rain for five weeks the dust was
terrable I feel so greatful to those
who have shown themselves friends
in this hour of need adversity tells
whare we may find true friends
pleas thank Mrs. Morris and Mrs
Harrison Eply for me for their
kindness to my family when in
trouble I can hardly realise that
the house and all of its contents
are burned up well we must do
the best we can I am very thank-
full that no acident befell
the family it seems as though
I could not endure it yet I know
I can and will do so write as
often as you can a week seems
a long time to waite for a letter
send a paper ocasionly if you can
your truly and affectionately
H L Carlisle

She referenced the Rouse Telegram.

I believe she meant Mrs Harrison and Mrs Epley.

For more see: Carlisle Family Letters

Carlisle, Hannah Glover. (Columbus, KY) to “Dear Husband”
[Daniel Carlisle]. Letter. 30 November 1862. Digital Images 1-4.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, Florida. 2012
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tamerson Z Carlisle, 27 Nov 1863

Buchanan Mich Nov 27 1863

Dear Mother
We had a thank-
s giving sermon preached here
to day by Brot. Hoag. not a great
many out, but few to prayer
meeting yet _____ he to claim
the blessing a very good meeting.

Your letter came on
Tuesday eve in reference to
purchasing things in Chicago
I can Numerate or name (at
least what I would get)

Bell has nothing to wear on
her head for nice I say nothing
she had a little merino bundle
but I do not want her to were it
get her a nice white leg horn
hat & velvet ribon to trim
with and I will trim it we have
some strings short will do

page 2

she ought to have something
to wear round her for nice you
can get some kind of ladies
cloth I should think that
would be the cheapest and shoes
a nice pair (no. 10) she has common
things, I got a nice clasp for
her beads but when I came home
her beads were burned

I wish that you
would get a table spread
black & red good size, and
a lamp get a freilly one,
some cloth for a __ __
I want a pair of nice shoes
____ ___ what kind you
would like some nice gloves
if he'd n__ and Mary needs some
__ have more things ____
__ ___ bowl and more things
____ what ____ __ got here
I wish that you could get

page 3

you a black band cloth coat
get the cloth in Chicago and
1yd of black silk to trim it with
why would it not be a good ___
to take your ____ ___ __
Bell a dress & cloak and
get you a nice dress of
some kind black silk would
be the most durable you have
earned the money now get
something nice for your-
self if you do not you
never will have any we
have a good living much
better than at some other
times so mother when
people write say it is your
business if you so not
get a black silk get a nice
winter dress do not get a
anything for Fannie unless
it is a ___ dress she needs
one she is earning money

page 4

and can pay you for it
she has had more things
than the rest get some
nice things for yourself
even if you do not choose
to make them now I wish
that you would could get a large
____ there you can buy
five just as well as one we need
some more sheets. Pa needs
some slippers he is very well
provided for. if you get Bell
a white hat it will do for ____
there they are worn more now. we need
some table cloths people bring me
things long one at a time so we
will _____ without buying if we only
wait we had some ____ _____
and vegetable dishes one or two platters
if things of this kind are sent in I
will write but Ii think more will be sent
get thimbles & I wish we had a wash bord
& pitcher, we have an idea that Uncles
folks will send a box of things, write often
I hope that it will not be long before
you will come home.
Mr. ___ has married a couple

page 5

since he came here first a
wedding then a funeral
_____ Blake died two weeks a
go and already her babe weighed 11
lbs. both were buried in the
same coffin she was sick
2 1/2 days they tell a good
storey for her said that she
died happy her _____ relig-
ion then others say that
she was miserable and said
nomething anout it Brot. Eldrich
preached the funeral sermon
Maria Black (not Mrs. McKee )
is at home very sick dangerously
so. so it is _each pleasure
_____ _ ____ too. clouds
dim even lifes brightest hours
Mary White is married to Mr. Mc-
Intire of White ____. Lourinda
H-----il-- to ____ Sarlsbery

Page 6

Rubena Terrier to Horace Strong
Sarah Franier where I used
to board to Mr. Huston and
to day at the Passonage a
Widower was married to a
young girl 17 he being 28 years
her seignure he has 3 childrene
and she is his 3rd wife Aunt
Julia's family are well she
wonders why you do not write
her I told her that you were
very busy Mrs Harrison's is so anxious to have you come home, we are trying
to have better ____ing ___ __
church and what a time willMrs. ___kill and a few others
but we ___ to procede. Mrs Hoag
is our _____ ___ I can
barely get a long with the
work it takes me all the time
to do the house work we have
conciderable compnay most ___
however at meal times

page 7

Orville soon thinks of ____
is going to sell ___ ___
various ____ expects to get
the agency for selling the
history ___ the rebellion for
their county - & ____. he is
__ the same it makes
me more work to wait on
him but it will have to be
endured. The Sabbath ___
is quite s----ing. Mr Johns
or Miller has the Bible class
I have a large class of boys
& girls more methodist people
seem to be coming in, we
wxpect some new ___ __ __
___ the Sab. D. this week
well I must close I have
got Well fired up quite ___-
__able. so good night.
Yours Truly
T Z Carlisle

page 8

Father ___ ___inished ____ting I
thought to make out the _____ement big sending
a line We are usualy well Bell was quite sick last
night but all is right to day Fannie & Mary are
still absent we looked for Fannie home on the
train Sat. Eve however she did not come
I have written for Mary we are comfortably fixed
up now except myself I have just got the rest
se_dy to __ when Mary comes I shall do the
sewing. Mrs. Grain [?] gave Bell a hat, hence you will
not need to get her one if we wait lomg enough
people will send us what we want I would
not pay out any money for sheets or table cloths
as I write you as fast as they come in I will
write. I hope that you can come ere long.
Uncles folks want me to come and spend the
winter there. Mrs. Harrisonn says tell you that she
____ __ her general health is decidedly better.
withe the exception of her eye the cancer is getting
well she used a copprerass whary she has not been able
to write any letters for several months on account of
her eye. I wish that you could find time to write her
she says that she misses your letters very much, sometimes
our church almost sinks for want of eficient ____
_____ the Adventists are using a great deal of ____ ___
to keep things along they should __ ___ ___ ____
their strength ___ I dont wonder) some days I have
a dozen calls the coverage __wene is from six to eight I get
along pretty well but it takes me nearly all the time
to do the house work. Aunt Julia has a great many tings
that would be of use to use but she is careful not to give
much. Today has been very cold.

[paper turned, wriiten across top of page]

were a
good many
out __
I wish
that you
bring home
that coinfiscasted
every thing
also that
we need
Mrs. Gentef_rield
brought house things
as for
securing fre__
for fa__
kindness to ___
you wanted
_arn _ __ to see Se___
one valueable article
nothing ____
I cinsever [?]
the usual ___ of ____
I hope by our will __ __ forever
what did your think
of y__ & ___ regard
Yo o d__ing __.


Obviously, I really struggled with this one. Tamerson's handwritting is  very pretty but hard to read. There are other letters by her and I did not struggle with them as much as I did this one. I must have know that it would be difficult, I took 23 images, almost three per page. I will revisit this letter at a later time and see if I can do better.

I did not find a letter from Hannah asking about shopping in Chicago.

Horace F Strong married Robina A Terriere, 13 Nov 1862. Dibeans marriage index for Berrien County.

William Huston married Sarah E Frame, 6 Nov 1862. Dibeans marriage index for Berrien County.

I have written previously about the Buchanan Fire of 1862.

For more see: Carlisle Family Letters

Carlisle, Tamerson Z. (Buchanan, MI) to “Dear Mother”
[Hannah Glover Carlisle]. Letter. November 1862. Digital Images 1-23.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, FL. 2012.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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Mrs B Rouse, Telegram, 25 Nov 1862

South Western Telegraph Company.

The Public are notified, that in order to guard against mistakes in the transmission of messages, every meaasage of importance ought to be repeated by being sent back from the station at which it is to be received to the station from which it is originally sent. Half the usual price for transmission will be charged for repeating the message, and while this Company will, as heretofore, use every precaution to ensure correctness, it will not be responsible for mistakes or delays in the transmission or delivery of repeated messages beyond an amount exceeding two hundred times the amount paid for sending the message; nor will it be responsible for mistakes or delays in the transmission of unrepeated messages from whatever cause they may arise, nor for delays arising from interruptions in the working of its Telegraphs, nor for any mistake or omission of any other Company over whose lines a message is to be sent to reach the place of destination.

All messages will hereafter be received by this Company for transmission subject to the above conditions.
N. GREEN, Prest., Louisville, Ky.
Nov 25 1862

By Telegraph from Cleveland 186_
To, Mrs. Carlisle
Matron Post Hospital.
Forward Moultons body
& papers by Adams
& American Express
Mrs. B Rouse

I have no further information. In the next letter Hannah will mention this.

Rouse, Mrs. B. (Cleveland, Ohio) to “Mrs Carlisle”
[Hannah Glover Carlisle]. Telegram. 25 November 1862. Digital Image.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, FL. 2012.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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Hannah Glover Carlisle, 7 Nov 1862

Columbus Nov 7 / 62 (084)

My Dear Family

I have just read Mary
letter and learned that all we had is
gone truly it is sad news to think we have
no home and all that we had to
make home pleasant gone I am very
thankfull your lives were all
saved no limbs broke all must look
dark I feel so sorry that all the
silver is gone and beding was the
Bureau burned up and all that was
in it? are the coverlids gone to
well never mind we must bear it
the best we can under the circom-
stances try + make the best of it
the pay master has not come yet
and dont know when he will
come I cannot write I cannot
tell how I feel Yours Truly

H L Carlisle

page 2 ( 085)

PS when you direct yours do it in this way

Mrs H L Carlisle
Post Hospital

I have written previously about the Buchanan Fire of 1862.

The news must have been quite a shock for Hannah. The bureau had just been moved to the buttery and was lost. I believe it contained all of the family valuables.

For more see: Carlisle Family Letters

Carlisle, Hannah Glover. (Columbus, KY) to “My Dear Family”
[Daniel Carlisle and children]. Letter. 7 November 1862. Digital Images 1-2.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, Florida. 2012.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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Tamerson Z Carlisle, 3 Nov 1862

Buchanan Nov 4th 1862

Dear Mother

No doubt you will hear
of our misfortune by Mary's letter ere you receve this.
The fire broke out about 2 1/2 oclock
on Friday afternoon Oct. 31st. ____ from the sparks
in the Berghum mill next to the
machine shop burning in all 24 buildings
burning most of the business buildings.
our house + barn all that we have left is 4 feather
beds 5 quilts 11 chairs the best rag carpet very
little clothing. I have not a second change
of under clothes Mary Father + Bell the
are in the same condition we have
rented the cottage house on the hill
called the old Blanchard house, we cleaned
3 rooms to day will get family settled
one week. you know it wont take long
we saved one bedstead the cottage one
got another one of Mr. Hahn. John did not hear of the fire untill Saturday eve
he came down on Sabbath morn Gave me
$20. said to buy dresses with but have not spent

page 2

it for that and told me to go to Mr. Black’s
shop and get + bedsteads. The people are
very kind to us we stay with different ones

Aunt Julia has forgotten how many things
you gave her, she gave me one pair of pillars
1 straw tick. 3 or 4 spoons that is all so far.
Sister Hoag the ministers wife gives as she
can + lends some things Pa and Bell did
not have one thing only what they had on
I am so tired that it is almost impossible for
me to write. I was at Mr. Dewey's during
the fire had been very sick with a
congestive chill. Sarah Chopin died in
Dowagwiac the funeral was there her remains were
brought to Niles for internment I went to the Cemetery
with Mrs. Dewey. I fainted while there was taken
so __ was but with difficulty I am usually
well now. we are well. Fannie will go to Niles
on Monday is going to set type I told her that
she could not go to Rochester. she declared
that she could go I told her that she should
work. gets $1 per week and board if she learns
rapidly can earn __, by spring I told her that
she should stay until spring do just as you
think best about coming home if you come
bring all that you can. anything will be
acceptible/ excuse this in haste


I have written previously about the Buchanan Fire of 1862.

Tamerson's friend John mentioned again.

Fannie ia learning a trade and living in Niles, MI. She was 17. She had wanted to go to Rochester, NY to stay with her uncle and aunt, Isaac and Charlotte (Carlisle) Ashley.

For more see: Carlisle Family Letters

Carlisle, Tamerson Z. (Buchanan, MI) to “Dear Mother”
[Hannah Glover Carlisle]. Letter. 4 November 1862. Digital Images 1-2.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, FL. 2012.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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Buchanan's Boys in Blue - Civil War Presentation

Buchanan’s Boys in Blue
Join Buchanan District Library’s Archivist, John Urschel, on a sojourn into Buchanan’s Civil War past. Journey back in time with the area’s Union Soldiers as they are recruited, experience camp life, form companies and regiments, struggle with contagious diseases, travel to distant states, comprise parts of larger divisions, corps and armies, engage in battle, go campaigning, enter hospitals, endure prisoner of war camps, perform acts of heroism, cowardice, occupation and more.
Urschel has thoroughly researched the Civil War lives of area soldiers from Buchanan, Weesaw, Bertrand and Galien townships. A companion collection of all research material and data on over 1,700 military-aged area men will be available for purchase for a nominal fee, but the presentation will be free of charge.

Wednesday April 4, 2012 1:00 pm - Buchanan Senior Center
Wednesday April 11, 2012 7:00 pm - Buchanan District Library
Wednesday April 18, 2012 7:00 pm - Ralph Rumbaugh American Legion Post

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mary E Carlisle, 1 Nov 1862

Unpleasant News

Nov. 1st <1862>

Dear Mother

It is with a sad heart that I
now seat myself to inform you that we are
now left desolate. Our house, barn and all
(with many other buildings) was yesterday burned to
the ground. About two o'clock afternoon a fire broke
out in a shop. just a little south
of the sash factory, it was burned and Kelly's
shop Mrs. Dutton's house, Rea_den and Mead's
grocery. Ross and Bainton store. The grocery
and store joined Dutton's house. The old
brick store and all the buildings up to Miller's
shop. Dr Dodd's barn, Livery Stable paint
shop and Blacksmith shop. We thought the
whole town would burn the wind blew very
hard and we had no fire Engine. They teligr-
aphed to Niles for theirs, but in such confusion
that it could not be read when it got
there. A man was sent - finaly on horse back.
Some of our things were saved. one bed stead
three or four feather beds, and some bed clothes.
tables and chairs. no dishes or spoons. No one

page 2 (076)

was at home when the fire comenced. Tamerson
went to Mr. Dewey's a visiting and was taken
sick, but she had recovered so that when the
alarm came there she was able to come home
Pa was over the river digging potatoes. Fannie was
up to Aunt Julia's. Bell and myself were at
school. Fannie and the men suceeded in
getting most of the things out of the
front room and some out of the chamber.
but what is that towards housekeeping.
None of us but fannie have a chang of
under clothes some of our dresses were saved.
Aunt Julia had a conjestive
chill a few days ago she was very sick, but is
better now. Alonzo How was hurt while
digging sand a few days since and died last
night. his back was broken. Many folks are
sick. some of them in the country. Some
of the folks were so exhausted and frightened that it was
thought that they could not recover. in all about
twenty four buildings. Mrs. Dutton has nothing but
the clothes on her back. After her things were taken
out they were burned. Alexander says to his wife we are
poor now that is himself. It really seemed as though
the day of judgement had come. but we are preserved

page 3 (077)

we will rent a house for the present - I
think it will be the old cottage house
on the hill back of the parsonage.
You of core will use your own judgement
about coming home. It seems to me
if you can earn any thing there
you had better stay. The people are
very kind to us. they say that we shall
have a new house right - away. Mr Dewey
wants to employ Fannie in his office to
set type the terms were good. perhaps since
our trouble he will give more. we do not
know what to do. I wrote to uncle A.
I guess he will help us. write as soon as
you get this.

Mary E. Carlisle.

I have written previously about the Buchanan Fire of 1862.

For more see: Carlisle Family Letters

Carlisle, Mary E. (Buchanan, MI) to “Dear Mother”
[Hannah Glover Carlisle]. Letter. 1 November 1862. Digital Images 1-3.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, Florida. 2012.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do Not Open Until 15 Mar 2112

At West in New England, Bill West has issued The Genealogist's Time Capsule Challenge.

My first thought is how would I insure that anything I set aside now would be kept by the family and yet remain unopened for 100 years. I'm not sure I have a good answer. I could certainly leave instructions in my Will but there would be nothing to stop someone down the line from deciding to get rid of old junk or conversely deciding that there is no reason to wait until 2112 to open it. Perhaps the best way would be to entrust my time capsule to a bank or law firm with sufficient funds for them to maintain its safety and see that my final wishes are followed. I'd make a big deal over it, perhaps have a family ceremony so that the youngest members of the family would remember and pass the story down with promises of riches for family members not yet born. At the ceremony the the box will have already been partiality filled by me and those contents covered and hidden from view. I would ask my grandchildren to each add one item with a note they'd written about it. The final items added to the box would be six silver dollars, one for each grandchild. Not a fortune today but one hundred years from now, who knows?

The first item I would add would be my tell-all auto-biography, a great read for the family historian of the future!

Next will be family photos. I will have to chose carefully or the box will be too large. All will be labeled, however to keep it interesting some of the labels will be just a year and a place, others just initials and a few labeled mere Aunt and Uncle.

Technology changes so incredibly fast but I 'm certain that my descendants could find a way to read a flash drive or DVD one hundred years from now. But to make life easier on them I will include a new laptop. I will include all of the family history research I have done, digital images of old family photos and all of the photos that I culled earlier on a flash drive which will be downloaded just as they are now on my computer, a jumbled mess. I will also backup the files I feel are most important to DVDs.

I will also include items that I think of as family treasure but which don't seem to hold much interest for others.

  • I think my grandmothers pink ball gown will be too bulky to include but I will add her gavel and a photo of her in the gown. Also my grandfather's IOOF ribbon/pin.
  • One of my father's 35mm cameras along with photos of his old box camera and enlarging equipment.
  • A crystal owl and a crystal apple and a note detailing why they were important to me.
  • A pair of gardening gloves.
  • As long as I have provided a means to watch DVDs I will include some of our favorite movies with notes tucked into the cases telling why they are favorites. I know my grandchildren have little patience for old movies so I wonder what my great-great-grandchildren will think of Star Wars, A Walk in the Clouds and Avatar? 
  • My grandfather's Bible and Book of Psalms.
  • Something that I cross stitched. Perhaps the blue bird Christmas wreath that I made for my father years ago.
  • My "Love Boat" pin. No explanation, they'll have to find the photo of me wearing it to learn it's significance.
  • Baby shoes. Will they figure out who they belonged too?
  • Old report cards.
  • The wooden pyramid puzzle made by my father.
  • Grandma Lottie's watch, the one on a chain. Perhaps a descendant will have the initials L. S.
I have a yellow plastic tote that has held craft items for many years and it would be just the right size to hold all of the items listed. Not so small as to be easily lost, yet not so large as to be in the way. It could easy sit on a storage self until the time came to open it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Daniel Carlisle, 17 Oct 1862

Buchanan Oct 17 1862
Dear Wife

I recived yours Dated Oct 10 yesterday We had Been
amxiously Looking for it for some days it takes
from five to ten days for your Letters to come
We are Well except that awfull Sore on my Thigh
Is not yet healed. but much Better than it was it is
now inflamed around it & quite Sore all the way
I keep around & doe any thing is By Wearing a
Plaster of fir Balsom it is So tender I cannot
Have any thing else touch it I Was Barely able to attend
Court At Berrien all Last Week I Saved five
Dollars Besides my Board & horse keeping and
Had to pay it put as soon as I got home for some
Thing to Live on except 1.25 I paid for apples
For five Bushels & pick them myself We had
all We wanted from our trees till then When
I got home Tamesen Was gone to the Prarie
and hill with J R came back With him on
Wednesday The girls have Cleaned House White
Washed & turned things upside down & end
for end put the Bureau into the Butrey &
there is no sickness Prevailing now quite healthy
Mary & Bell are going to shool

(page 2)
Mr Noah Merrill Died at Pipestone & Was
Buried here as soon as I got Able to ride I Went
To the marsh for my tools It gave me verry
unpleasnat feelings to see two thirds of the hay
Spoiled Which had made myself Sick in trying
To Save I Could not get it drawed Was disappointed
By two Who promised to see it I have But Little
Hay Was not able to save any Corn fodder What
I Am to doe I know not But mean to Let it
Trouble me as Little as posible We doe mostly
Without meat I Cannot Buy much I have a
Large Calf to kill soon I have not Been
able to get a hog or pig sinc you Left it is
Cheaper to Buy Pork than to Buy the hogs and
And corn to fat them my greatest trouble is
About Taxes Which are So high Besides the
Town & Corporation tax there is to Be a tax
For War expences I have Been once to Berrien to
County Convention & Last night Was Appointed
To go tomorrow to nominate A County ticket
So go With S G Littlefield H Hathaway L _ Fox
J Kelley Doct Roe Amos Clark A Sherwood
There is Some Sur & Feeling on the occasion

(page 3)
The Same delagates are toe Attend a District
Convention At this place to nominate a
Representative to the Legislature to Be held
At Posts on the 25 th the Reppublicans have put
up for State offices Almost the Same ones as
Two years Ago The demos knew they could not
Carry the State & have made a great noise
About uniting on one ticket Some of them the
Wire Workers of the Demo party & Some disappend
office Seekers of the Republicans have made a
State nomination half and half of each party
many of the egnorant on each Side are honest and
think it a real union But the real aim is to
To Break up the republican organisation and
Elect part of their own Party But they cannot
Decieve All We have nominated for Congress
Hon Charles Upson of Cold Water for this
District he is the present Attorney General of
the State a Splendid man I heared him Speak
At dowagiac in August the Republicans offer to
unite if the Democrats Will approve publickly
The Amancipation Proclimation but they Will
not they may carry Some Counties in the State

(page 4)
about your Staying there Longer you must
Act your own discretion my Advice is that you
Had Better Stay if you think proper times
Are hard here except With those that have
Raised enough to Live on & are out of debt
you can not earn Any thing here We get
Along Comfortally except Want of means
To Live on But you Could not remidy that
So Well to Be here As there We get Along
Comfortably With Bell She thinks everything
of Pa I Shall Be quite Comfortably Choathed
For Winter the girls have made my shirts
And are now repairing Socks Fannie
Wants Something for Winter Which I can
not get for Want of means our Sicknesss has
Has Set us back very much especally on my
Part I have not heard from Ashley Since
He Went to Louisville Tuesdays paper gave
An account of a hard Battle At Perryville
Stating the mich Cavelry Suffered in it __y
Badly Since that I can find no details of it
I must close or Lose the mail
D Carlisle

So while Hannah Glover Carlisle was very patriot we learn that another reason for her joining the army as a nurse was financial. Times were hard for the family and about to get worse. Note that the bureau has been moved to the buttery.

J.R was probably the John mentioned in the last letter. The prairie I think referred to White Pigeon Prairie in St Joseph County where the family had first settled when they arrived in Michigan.

H Hathaway may have been Homer Hathaway, born about 1833 NY, living in Buchanan, MI on the 1860 census.

J Kelley could have been either John Kelly / John Kelley or Joseph Kelly / Joseph Kelley.

Doct Roe = J M Roe

Amos H Clark, born about 1808 PA, living in Buchanan, MI on the 1860 census.

A Sherwood could refer to either Alonzo Sherwood or Asa Sherwood.

For more see: Carlisle Family Letters

Carlisle, Daniel. (Buchanan, MI) to “Dear Wife”
[Hannah Glover Carlisle]. Letter. 17 October 1862. Digital Images 1-4.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, Florida. 2012.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

Monday, March 12, 2012

Daniel Carlisle, 17 Aug 1862

Buchanan Aug 17 / 62

Dear Wife

I was so harried that I got Tamerson to
Write you first But Before We received
yours Last She Was taken sick & is yete
Sick But some Better the attack Was of
Billious feaver Doct Foster Broke it up
But She is Low & feeble she Will get
along if she has no more pull Back
She had Over done By Walking home
Twice while I was gone Julia Staid With
Her Last night the girls are At Church now
I have felt a great deal of anxiety about
your Trunk Befored Could hear it
Word in your Letters to others I must
Request you to Write more to the
Family & not so much to outsiders
I paid a quarter to get the trunk carried
To the Boat a quarter to the porter for
His promice to take it to the Baggage
Room At Columbus I got to Chicago
Tuesday fore noon Staid for the Cars
Till half past six P M Which gave me

(page 2)
A fine view of Chicago I Bought me a
good Long Linen Coat for 2$ pair of
Slips for 60cts Bells Coral Beads for 50 cts
Borrowed five Dollars of the money I had of
Esq Stevens I Doe not know how We Shoute
Have got Along if I had not in this sickness
my garden had grown fast in my absence
Especially the Weeds I hoed the Cabbages &
Turnips vines & I ploaghed & hoed my potat
toes over the river & then Went to Cutting
Grass on the same marsh Where I have
For 2 years past Ben Rugg is helping
Me We had a hard rain thursday
morning till nine A M Which made
The Picknick nearly a failure the
attendance Was Small no Speakers
From Abroad Roe & Edmons Were all
Dinner very sight none But marshal
masie I am not half done haying yet
the marsh is very Wet sinc the rain
John Hunter Died Since I was there
Died on the 6 Aug We had a Letter from
orville he is getting Better

(page 3)
The enlistments are going on Well McKiney
ms Dads Brother has inlisted a Company
Here abouts ___ Mr Mc Allister has
got up another 60 at Berrien some
from this town are in his Company
Plimton of __tes has got a Company
of Cavelry the 19 th_kig Ane to rendivos
at Dowagiac Henry Gilbert of Cold Water
Colonel I heared him Speak then the
next Saturday Afterday After I got
Home Went for half fare Clarkes
Talks are About as usual he Was
glad to see me it Was a great meeting
Speeches Were made By C Stewart Kallanago
Attorney General Alsson Howard of
Detroit & Gilbert about sixteen
Hundred Dollars Was raised for Bounty
For enlistments Ther has Been over two
Hundred Dollars raised in this town
The People Are awake espcially the
Republicans Democrats give But Little
At A War meeting Last night at the advent
Church Speeches were made By

(page 4)
By McKinney Doct Roe Alexander
Mr Tenant A Scotchman of Wesaw
Who has enlisted here Mr Harison has
Been here Yesterday says Mr Mason has
enlisted in Mr Alisters Comp the first
Call the Quota of this State Will Be
Filled Without drafting When I Went
For Tamerson on the Last day of School
Fanney & Bell & Bill & dick & Cato All
Went Edmans & Beckmen made Speeches
The Walls of the 3 Story Brick are nearly
up __ret Totten & Charley Terreene have
enlisted At Berrien Ulery in this Comp
They are mostly from the Woods But
few in from town Bell Was so pleased
When I got home She Wanted to go every
Whare Withe me She has a great Deal
To Say to Ben he carries her on his Back
Mary had to Come home Fannie Could not
get Along With the Whole & take of
Tamesen I think John has not heared
of her Sickness he Would have Ben home
there has Been no Way to send Word
he is expected every day Write Soon
Yours Truly
D Carlisle

(page 5)
I reieved A Letter from Roscoe he had
Been to Bristol to gratify his Curiosity
With a view of the old Place Sent in his
Letter Some of the pepermint that grew
near the Little Brook Back of the house
Thinks it looks Quite Rough There
I have Disposed of the Lange Cable But
Had another Before I got home Wm B
Perratt has Been appointed Quartermaster
Of the 12 Reg & has gone to Bolivar
Tenn Where they are I send you a
Paper With Letter of thanks from
Orderly Stevens Which is well done
We have excellent Potatoes Beets Corn
Squash Beans Cucumbers I am making
Pickles in Salt to please Tamesen
She thinks that the Best way Fannie
Had Cut off Bells hair She Looks
Frightful Went to the Ladies Society
At Ty Howes & gave them a full
account of your Where abouts &
Situation & and answered many
Questions D C

(page 6)
I Wait till morning and tell you
How Tamesen is Before mailing
If She is not Like to get along Well
I Shall Write you Without Waiting
An answer from this Send to the
Office often And Write often
Monday morning Aug 18
Tamesen appears About the Same the
Diarea is not so bad as it has Been the
Doctor has Been to See her this morning
I just got her A Bottle of Choice
Brandy from the Breck Store It Comes
In Bottles 1.50 per Bottle a pint & half
The girls Are going to Wash I must
Be off to the marsh the Weather is
Cool Since the rain Wheat us ____
In good order corn Looks well
I send you A paper With orderly
Stevens Letter of thanks for the
Goods I took them it is Well Done

Daniel lived in the village of Buchanan but his land was on the other side of the St Joseph river. I don't know where Tamerson would have been going to school. I also don't know who Bill, Dick or Cato were.

Julia = Julia Ann Carr Glover Earl, sister-in-law of Hannah Glover Carlisle.

Doctor Roe = J M Roe born about 1825 Indiana, per 1860 census. Probably son of Ely Roe.

Ben Rugg may have been Benjamin F Rugg born abt 1843 Indiana, living in Niles on 1860 census.

There were several men named John Hunter that I have found records for in Berrien and Cass counties.

For more see: Carlisle Family Letters

Carlisle, Daniel. (Buchanan, MI) to “Dear Wife”
[Hannah Glover Carlisle]. Letter. 17 August 1862. Digital Images 1-6.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, Florida. 2012.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Carlisle Family Letters

It's been almost four years since I traveled to Michigan and photographed most of the collection of family letters at the Bentley Historical Library. The prospect of transcribing nearly 3,000 images was overwhelming so I broke the collection down by family groups and started with the smallest group, the Hall letters and then moved on to the ones pertaining to the Camfield family. Since there is so much overlap between the Carlisle letters and the Camfield letters I am going back to the beginning and will start posting the Civil War Era letters tomorrow. I had hoped to obtain the letters of Ashley Carlisle before I began this project and that hasn't happened. When I do gave them I will post them as a group and then back date them so that they appear in their proper place. And to keep things in order several letters that I have previously posted will be repeated.

Rather than write a long history of the family I am giving very brief biographies of the people that will appear in the early letters. Other relationships will unfold as the letters progress. I will also be updating my online tree as I go. You can access it here. (If you don't have a paid membership to and desire access, please contact me by email.)

Daniel Carlisle III. Son of Daniel Carlisle and Zipporah Wheeler. He was born in 1797 in Westmoreland, NH. By 1830 he was living in Bristol, NY where according to family papers he ran an inn. It was about then that he married Louisa Lambert Glover, the daughter of David Glover and Tamesin Hall. Daniel and Louisa had six children. In 1839 he and his family joined extended family, including his brother-in-law Orville Glover, and moved to Cass County, Michigan, where Louisa died in 1851. In 1852 Daniel married Hannah Lewis Glover, the youngest sister of his first wife. At the start of the Civil War Daniel was 63.

Hannah L Carlisle. Hannah Lewis Glover was born 1823 in Phelps, NY and was the youngest child of David Glover and Tamesin Hall. After her sister Louisa died she married her brother-in-law Daniel Carlisle who was almost 25 years older than she. After her two step-sons enlisted she became a nurse and worked at the Post Hospital, Columbus, KY. More about her can be found here.

Orville Daniel Carlisle. Second son of Daniel and Louisa, he was born 1832 Bristol, NY. Enlisted in 1861 and was discharged for disability in 1862. He married Lydia Bartlett in 1865.

Tamerson Zipporah Carlisle. Eldest daughter of Daniel and Louisa, she was born 1837 in Gaines, NY. She married James Evans in 1866.

Mary Elizabeth Carlisle. Daughter of Daniel and Louisa, she was born 1840 in Edwardsburg, MI. She married Werter Davis Rynearson in 1868.

Isaac Ashley Carlisle. Almost always called Ashley, he was the youngest son of Daniel and Louisa, born 1842 in Edwardsburg, MI. (He was named for his father's brother-in-law, Isaac Ashley) He joined the army at the age of 19. Some accounts say he joined against his parents wishes and others say he had their full support.

Fannie Louise Carlisle. Youngest child of Daniel and Louisa, she was born 1845 in LaGrange, MI. I am still working on her story and will let in unfold through the letters.

Arabella Carlisle. Belle was the only child of Daniel Carlisle and Hannah L Glover. She was born 1857 in Buchanan, MI. At the age of 4 she went with her mother and lived at the Post Hospital in Columbus, KY.

Issac Ashley was born in 1796 and married Charlotte Carlisle, sister of Daniel, in 1823. Isaac was a wealthy businessman and hotel keeper. Roscoe Boyd Ashley and Zipporah Ashley Wilcox were their children.

Julia Ann Carr. Referred to as Aunt Julia in the letters, she was born 1818 in Albion, NY and was the daughter of Joseph Carr. (A John Carr is mentioned in the letters and I have not yet worked on determining his relationship). She married first, Orville B Glover who was the brother of Louisa and Hannah. After Orville died in 1852 she married John Earl and he died in 1858. Her third husband was Henry J Hall and they lived in Buchanan, MI.

Many other people are named in the letters. If I have more information on them I will note that as the letters appear and hopefully add them to a tree I have created, Unrelated Individuals referenced in family letters.