Personal Favorites

These are some of my favorite posts and I hope you enjoy them!

Sarah Ann Wisner Camfield - 1817 - 1912
Featured Article of the 91st edition, Carnival of Genealogy
Biography of my 2nd great-grandmother, a series.

SNGF - WDYTYA Starring Apple!
A fun fantasy of my making it onto the show.

Syracuse Baby Camp
The story of my grandparents home

Winter on the Tug Hill
Winters on the Tug Hill are harsh. I explain why and reflect on how life would have been for early settlers.

Grandpa Loved Franklins 
Grandpa talked a lot about Franklins but did he actually own one?

Tippecanoe Place
A mansion in South Bend, Indiana that my great-grandfather worked on.

Carlisle Family Home 
My mother's ancestral home that the family lived in for a hundred years.

Helena Grabowski
My husband's great-great grandmother.

A Pink Ball Gown
My grandmother's gown was passed on to me.

Medal of Honor - Fr. Vincent R. Capodanno
Father Capadanno may have been related to my husband.

Princess for a Day 
Everyone has a princess story. Here's mine.

Death Certificate Challenge - John W. Davis
A challenge issued by my brother-in-law. How much could I learn from just a death certificate?