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Kelly - Brief Newspaper Transcripts

The Watertown Herald, Sat., Nov 14, 1903

MARRIED - Grant - Kelley in Watertown Nov. 5 by Rev. F. P. Winne, Ulysses S. Grant and Mina M. Kelley both of this city.
The Watertown Herald, Sat.,June 2, 1906

Kelly - Olds - At the State street Methodist Episcopal parsonage, 10 William street, by Rev. Charles L. Peck, May 23, 1906, Bert Henry Kelly and Ethel Olds, both of Adams.
The Watertown Herald, Sat. Aug 15, 1908

Mrs. Wallace Olds and Mrs. Kendrick Byron of Great Bend were guests of Mrs. Thaddeus Olds and Mrs. Bert Kelly recently.

The Watertown Herald, Sat. March 4, 1911, pg 4

Mrs. Bert Kelly spent several days last week at Lacona with her husband who is express agent there.
The Syracuse Herald, Saturday, March 3, 1915, pg 87


Thaddeus Olds Buys Tract, While Lester M. Sneden Takes Hotel. Farm Near Fulton

Deeds have been recorded in the exchange of the Willard House in Weedsport, built in 1867, for a farm five miles from Fulton in Oswego county. The negotiations are in the hands of Woods, a local business and hotel broker. Property values involved aggregated more then $30,000.

The Willard House is a forty-room hotel, a combination of old and new structures, dating the oldest one back to post-bellum days.

The farm is a 175 acre tract devoted to general farming use. In the exchange all stock, tools and equipment, in addition to several substantial buildings on the land are to go to the new owner.

Of these, the stock constitutes a valuable part. There is a herd of eighteen Holstein cattle, one of them a registered bull, held ny his former owner at $2,000.

Thaddeus Olds of Weedsport buys the farm. Lester M. Senden takes over the hotel. The hotel has changed hands only three times during it's half century career. Tenants in both places have been notified to vacate by April 1st.
The Watertown Daily Times, Thursday, August 17, 1920, pg 14

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Kelly and Nr. And Mrs. Glen Cooper all of Fulton, New York, have been spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kelley of 148(?) Central street.
The Fulton Patriot, Wednesday, November 23, 1927

West Granby –
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson of Adams, were Sunday guests at the Olds and Kelly homestead.

The Fulton Patriot, Wednesday, October 31, 1928

West Granby-
Carol Kelly and D. C. Hudson went to Grassybrook farm at Alden Creek recently and purchased three head of purebred cattle.

Mrs. B. H. Kelly and Mrs. W. J. Summerville and daughter, Mary, spent Saturday in Syracuse.
The Fulton Patriot, Wednesday, January 1, 1930

West Granby-
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Olds and daughter, Shirley, spent Sunday with Mrs. Olds parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Hubbard.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Kelly entertained Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Olds, and daughter Shirley, Carol Kelly and Miss Menter on Christmas.
The Fulton Patriot, Thursday, Aug 14, 1930

Mrs Elsie LaCross entertained at a surprise shower last week for Miss Mary Menter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Menter of 215 Utica street. Miss Menter is to become the bride of Carrol Kelly in the near future.
The Fulton Patriot, Thursday, September 11, 1930

Kelly – Menter

Married – At the home of the bride’s parents, Sept. 6th, Miss Mary Elizabeth Menter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Menter of 401 Curtis street and Carroll H. Kelly son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert H. Kelly of 263 South Third street; Rev. Charles Olmstead officiating. They were attended by Miss Margaret Summerville and Erwin Menter, brother of the groom. (sic)

After the ceremony the bridal party motored to Shady Lawn Inn, Phoenix, were a wedding breakfast was served to the immediate members of the families. The couple left on a motor tour through the Adirondacks and on their return will make their home at
106 ½ West Broadway.

Mrs. Kelly is one of Fulton’s popular young women, a graduate of Fulton High School, and has been employed as a bookkeeper at the Fulton Fuel & Light company. Mr. Kelly is a paper inspector at the Oswego Falls Corporation plant.

The Fulton Patriot, Thursday, Oct 23, 1930

West Granby –
Misses Charlotte and Margaret Summerville and Mr. and Mrs. Carol Kelly spent the week-end with friends in Watertown and Adams.

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Those were the days, when you could swap a hotel for a farm. Nowadays you're lucky if you can get a decent lease after turning in an old car.:)