Thursday, May 29, 2008

Carlisle - Wisner Letters

With spring finally arriving in my corner of the world I'm finding very little time to transcribe the family letters. (However my garden looks fantastic!) I had planned to wait until I had transcribed all of the ones relating to the Wisner branch of the family before posting any but at the rate I'm going I've decided to post them as I get them done. They may end up out of order but I will put the date of each in the post title. I have connected with three distant Wisner cousins so that is why I decided to start with these letters.

Several years ago I connected with a fourth Wisner cousin, Stanley H. Cumming. The first of the letters was written by his grandmother, Ella Letitia Hall McKinnon. Stan died in 2005 without knowing that these letters existed and I know how much he would have loved to have been able to read them himself.

Back in the beginning of January I posted a group sheet for the Family of William Wisner and earlier today I posted descendant reports for William's daughters, Sarah Ann and Maryetta. If you read them you will see that my source citations are sadly lacking but most entries do have a source and I do know how to relocate them. I could wait until I clean up my entire file but I figure that could take a decade or two.

Sarah Ann Wisner Camfield's daughter, Sarah Ann "Annie" Camfield Carlisle was the recipient of many of the letters in the collection. The letters she received from Wisner cousins were from daughters of Maryetta.

As I transcribe each letter I am adding copies of the digital images right to the MS Word file I am creating for each, along with the source citation I am using online and another for sharing with other researchers that includes my personal information. I am also resizing the digital files before uploading here. Some of the letters refer to people or places that I am spending a bit of time researching so although the typing of each letter goes fairly quickly it still takes me awhile to be ready to post them here. Hopefully as I do more I will get into a rhythm and my pace will pick up.

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