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Belle McKinnon Leick to Annie Carlisle June 23, 1913

Grand Rapids, ND
June 23, 1913

Dear Cousin,
I received your letter to-day, and am trying to answer these letters as fast as they come in, because there are quite a number of them.

Thanks for your good wishes.

My new home is in a small town. George is cashier in the bank here. He was formerly bookkeeper & assistant cashier at Adrian. He goes by the name of George instead of Henry.

We have a very nice little 4 room cottage. We have no furniture yet so are boarding altho we

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sleep at the house. It has been re-____ & wired & will be varnished. It is about two blocks from the bank. There are only about ½ doz. residences here but lots of work in the bank. The people seem to be very nice. Lots of autos and all are quite generous so we get quite a lot of rides. Then George has a horse & buggy so we go when we please.

Crops look fine here but we are having some very warm weather, accompanied by severe winds. This is very likely to ruin crops if it is continued too long.

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We were at home a few days and at Madelia, George’s home, a few days and got home last Thurs. Had a very nice time.

I have lots of sewing to do so with settling I shall be very busy for a long time. Then I may learn bookkeeping and assist in the bank later.

We have received quite a few gifts which will help us out when we start housekeeping.
You must have been busy with Frank’s children. Haven’t heard from Tamerson for a long time.
Write again. Love from,
Belle Leick

Belle & George Leick are starting out their life together in North Dakota.

Madelia is in Minnesota, not too far west of where Belle grew up. She doesn't mention her very quite trip home to Mapleton. There are towns named Adrian in both Minnesota and North Dakota. Since Adrian, ND is very close to Grand Rapids, ND I assume that is the one that Belle is referring to.

Frank and Tamerson were eldest of Annie's three children. My grandfather, Daniel was the youngest.

I had originally planned to just quote a few lines from this letter as Belle lived until 1949. I wrote about some new information I learned regarding copyright here. Based on that information I feel it os appropriate to publish the letter in it's entirety.

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