Sunday, September 21, 2008

Canadian Roots

My paternal ancestral tree has it's roots firmly planted in Canadian soil. My grandfather literally married the girl next door, both living on Metcalf St, Ottawa, Ontario. Shortly after their marriage in 1922 they moved to Syracuse, NY where my grandfather's uncle resided.

My grandfather, Kimberly Powell Berry, was born in Ottawa on 6 January 1900, the son of Joseph Berry and Charlotte T. K. Hollington. Joseph was born 22 May 1871 in Blockley, Worcestershire, England and emigrated to Canada with his family when just a toddler in 1874, most likely with the aid of one of the emigration societies of the time. The Berry's would have been in the Agricultural Laborours Class in England so their economic and social status was greatly improved by their move across the ocean. I have written more about the reasons for their move to Canada here.
left: Kim Berry c.1935, right: Joseph Berry date unk.

Charlotte Hollington was born 3 October 1875 in Ottawa to James Hollington and Sarah Ann Ross. James was born 7 Aug 1845 in Quebec City to James Hollington (born about 1805 in England) and Eliza Ewing (born April 1815 in Ireland). Family lore states that James, Sr. was in the military and sent to Canada, where he stayed. I have no idea where in Ireland Eliza was from or why she left for Canada. Sarah Ann Ross was born 1848 in Quebec City to Richard Ross (born 1821 Kent, England) and Sarah Ann Lower (born 17 September 1823, Sussex, England). Again, I have no idea when or why they moved to Canada. I don't even know in which country they married.

My grandmother, Mary Leith Kelly, was born 6 June 1900 in Calabogie, Renfrew County, Ontario, the daughter of James Kelly and Isabella White. I know very little about the Kelly's. James was born 18 March 1856 in Adams, Jefferson County, NY, the son of Michael and Mary Kelly. His eldest brother, John, born about 1854, listed his place of birth as Canada on the 1880 census. My best guess is that Michael and Mary left Ireland for Canada at the time of the potato famine, stayed a short while and then moved on to northern New York where they remained. I do not in which country Michael and Mary met and married and I have few clues as to Mary's maiden name. I have no idea why James moved north to Ontario. Does my grandmother's middle name, Leith, hold a clue?

Isabella White was born 6 April 1865 in Dalhousie Township, Lanark County, Ontario, the daughter of James M. White and Isabella Craig (born 1826 Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland). James M. White was born November 1824, Dalhousie Township, Lanark County, Ontario, the son of John born abt 1806 in Scotland. I have not worked much on these lines. I have yet to discover who was the mother of James or why the White and Craig families emigrated to Canada.

This was written for the first edition of the Canadian Genealogy Carnival hosted by Looking4Ancestors. Since my father's death in 2000 I have not worked very often or very hard to fill in the gaps about my Canadian ancestors, preferring instead to research my maternal lines while Mom is still here to enjoy the journey with me. I do still find little gems now and then, usually when looking for something else. Hopefully this new Carnival will inspire me to dig just a little bit more each month.


Kathryn Lake Hogan said...

Apple, thanks for participating in the Canadian Genealogy Carnival. I enjoyed your post and the beautiful photos.

BDM said...

You are lucky to have such great photos, Apple. I hope you get to do more Canadian research,

Anonymous said...

I am a Great-Great Grand daughter of Sara Ross' Dad, Richard Ross(On the Ross side)
I have been researching the Family Tree, and can't find back beyond Richards Dad, Henry Ross, who was purported to have died in Portneuf, Quebec on June 8, 1861.
I can be reached at , if you want to see my family tree at (free site)