Monday, September 29, 2008

Memories on Monday - Uncle Oscar

I was able to join scanfest yesterday and I not only had a great time meeting some people and reconnecting with others but I scanned and tagged 31 photos!

I was able to finish a small album of pictures that John's sister, Marie, had given me. All of the pictures were reprints that she had had made up for me. I have no idea who some of the people are but this picture was a real treasure for me. I believe that this is the only picture I have of Uncle Oscar.
Oscar and Mary (Nardozzi) Mere,
date and location unknown

I grew up far from extended family so meeting John's family was overwhelming for me. In those early days John's Uncle Oscar was quite kind to me, I think he understood that I simply could not process a dozen or more people talking at once. There aren't very many smokers in John's family so Oscar and I would often slip off for a smoke and a little peace and quiet. We never talked about anything particularly important but I always looked forward to seeing Oscar when there was a family gathering. Oscar became the kindly uncle I never had growing up. So today I am fondly remembering my time spent chatting with Uncle Oscar.

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Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Memories :) It was kind of Marie to give you reprints of some pictures, especially this one of Uncle Oscar.