Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did You Catch These?

Tex is still on a Blogging Pause. She is on a "medical mission" and her blog, All My Ancestors, is still blocked as a malicious site. I have no idea what's up but I'm sending good thoughts her way.

Another friend who is MIA is Janice at Cow Hampshire. I hope all is well and I'm sending good thoughts her way too.

Way back in July, Amy's Genealogy, etc. Blog had a great link to Spring Grove Cemetery and all of my Cinncinatti Carlisle's are there. Thanks Amy!

Salute to the Old Timers! at kinnexions. Becky takes a look at some of the active geneablogs that she has followed the longest. I'm flattered that Apple's Tree is one and in very good company.

Becky also had a great tip for making illegible inscriptions on headstones legible!

T.K. has an amazing link at Internet Buffet. I may just have to but some markers! Of course I don't know as I have enough artistic talent to pull it off.

Kathryn Doyle, at the California Genealogical Society and Library blog, had a great reminder that some of the published genealogies out there really need to be verified. I've never before run across a work citing "occult powers." Have you?

I've played a little with trying to make a migration map but nothing I've done comes close the the map Judy made at Nevada Genealogist. Check it out!

Fall is a very busy time for me and I don't get to travel much, therefore I really enjoyed Nature Girls pictures of Mt Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY.

J.L Bell had an interesting piece, Driving the Battle of Brandywine, at Boston 1775. I admit that I did not pay attention in history class when wars were covered but I didn't remember ever hearing of this battle before.

Another piece of history I missed in school was the Whiskey Rebellion. Thanks to Les at Family Genealogy.


Kathryn Doyle said...


Thanks for this collection of interesting posts and for the mention. There are so many great genea-bloggers out there, it's become impossible to keep up! A round-up like this spotlights some good reads that we may have missed. Thanks for the reviews.

California Genealogical Society and Library blog

Becky Wiseman said...

Thanks for the mention Apple! Also that link to the Battle of Brandywine is very interesting to me - I had two ancestors, James Ball and John Bray, Sr., who were wounded during that battle. James actually received two wounds. Another destination added to my list of places to visit! Thank you!

I've also been playing with the idea of having a weekly (or whenever) post highlighting some of the "special" posts I've come across. With so many genea-blogs out there it is virtually impossible to keep up with all of them, even with a feed reader.

Tex said...

Thanks for checking in, Apple. I'm back. :-) I've been fighting the "malicious site" battle for a while, and I think I finally licked it!