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Ella McKinnon to Annie Carlisle Feb 22, 1922

Mapleton Minn Feb 27th

Dear Cousin Anna,
I know I have been very negligent but not meaning to be but I ought to have kept you informed of Elizabeth. She had her last bad stroke the 8th of Jan and lived only until the 20th and suffered a good deal her girl wrote to me. I thot I had written you some time ago that her gorl was married. she has been for about 6 years I think it is will be this spring and went to Moline Ill. to live and she has a little girl 3 years old now. Elizabeth was 74 the 17th of Jan & her granddaughter was 3 the 19 so their birthdays are pretty close.

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yes they always lived together would not be separated hardly over night.

Martha’s husband died several years ago they found him dead in his bed he lived alone I believe but some of his children were near him but he went to bed feeling pretty good but passed away some time in the night. her boy has been working for Effie’s husband I do not know whether he is there yet or not. they had not been in Nebr for a good while they were in Ill when Martha died & he has or rather both of them have been all around since they were in Florida with a daughter of his for a while & lived in Iowa a while he was there when he died.

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Aleena Porter Nelson lives in Libertyville now has for a couple of years they lived in Antioch for a good while she can get around some with crutches but not very well I guess.

We had a terrible ice storm Last Tuesday & Wednesday it just misted in the day but Tuesday in the evening we had a regular summer Thunder storm it thundered & lightened so bad as I ever heard in the summer wednesday it was so icy it was hardy safe to step out door then we had a have shower in the evening again then it snowed some so it was not

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quite so slippery yesterday it thawed quite a little but the ice is not all off the trees yet and it grew colder again tonight is like a winter night it is so cold.

I have three other boys all married and homes of their own but two of them are so far away that I do not see them very often they were both home last summer tho’

I keep so well this winter have not had much of a cold even nothing to mention the same as some have had

Well I guess I have told you all the news that will interest you & my paper is full so I say Good night & Pleasant dreams
Love to all Cousin Ella

Before this letter I had no death date for Elizabeth or birth date for her granddaughter. As her granddaughter may still be living I will refrain from publishing her name here.

Martha Hall Fairman died in 1893. Her husband was Gallio Hamilton Fairman and I have an unverified death date for him of 7 December 1917. Their only child together was Wirt Hall Fairman 1891-1962. At the time of the 1920 census he was living in Dixon, Lee, IL and in 1930 in Maine, Cook, IL. Wirt married Cathrena Maxwell 1896-1966 and they had at least one child, a son who I believe is still living and in his 90's.

I have not had much luck with Aleena Porter Nelson although I admit I have not tried very hard. I did not find her on either the 1850 or 1860 census for Avon, Lake, IL which is where Ella and Annie would have gone to school together.

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