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Sarah Ann Camfield, 18 August 1885

Noble Center august 18th 1885

Dear Children

we are well as usuall and as hard at work as ever you sent Babyes picture I wrote and sent you a long letter so after I got that and was wondering why we did not hear from you when we got yours saying you had had none from me wel about our place we like it verry if it only had buildings about building we have not decided what to do whether to build this fall or wait til spring that is the house we will have to build a stable this fall the old one is to poor for this winter Father is plowing for wheat I have got back to burning brush and grubbing


I think Mrs Carlisle must be very lonely
Mrs Bogardus was out to the farm last week she has not been out since last December before she called on me and stayed about fifteen minutes twenty I have not been to Coldwater since that winter you was here I would like to ask you and your family to come and see us if we had good accommodations but if you come we will try to do the best we can I expect Joseph and his family after Fred about the middle of next month he has been here ever since the 10th of June

Frankey how do you and that little Brother of yours get along Grandma think he is very nice brother

S A Camfield

Fred spent a lot of time on the farm but not his sister Mabel it seems. I wonder why? And Sarah Ann rarely mentions her.

Why would Sarah Ann think that Hannah Carlisle was lonely? At this point in time I think she was living either with Ashley and Anna or else right next door.

Sarah Ann is still calling Daniel "Baby". He was named for both of his grandfathers. Were there hard feelings because he wasn't named Michael Daniel? Or was this just one of Sarah Ann's quirks? I think this may have been the picture that was sent to Sarah Ann.
Daniel Michael Carlisle
1885, Buchanan, MI

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Tipper said...

Love how she said they liked it verry.

Tex said...

So much hard work!

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Tipper - I'm never quite sure if she spoke this way or if she simply thought faster than she could wtite and words got left out.

Tex - Buying the farm really added to the work load and things aren't going to go well, for awhile anyway.

Thank you both for taking time to comment!