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Rose Camfield, 16 August c.1889

South Bend aug 16th
Dear Sister I don’t know what you think of me for not writing you before but I have just put it off until now. how do you all get along we are all well Joseph is in the Barber Shop yet and Fredric works in the Boston Store here he gets one dollar and a half a week he is Cash boy we have been thing of coming out to see you this foul some time dont know just when Joe often sees some one from Buchanan so we get we manage to keep posted do you hear from mother we have had 2 letters this Summer from her I often think of them and what a lonely life they lead although they seem to like it better than to have any of us around well we had company from Elkhart last Saterday and Stayed over Sunday and there is hardly a day that some one is not in last week we got a few pieces of new furniture that we needed every day since we are married I wont Say what there are and when you come you can see for your self how does frank get along does Ashley put boots on him yet do you live in the same house you did when we were there


house rent is high here we pay 10 dollars month we live on the east end of watter street close to the new catholic church and the second house from the Sisters School we have eight rooms and of course that is more rooms than we need and more rent than we can pay on the winter so I supose we will move over the river nearer Joes work this foul well anna if I am not careful I will finish this letter without telling you what I commenced to well the Fire men are going to have a Tournoment here in September the 10th 11th and 12th of September and we would like to have you all come and stay a couple of days I will send you the papers that tells all about it and when you write lets us know if you can com you have not been to see us for about 4 years and we begin to think you could come this foul any way write soon and let us know if can come well I must close
love to all and tell Frank he can take his Bird home with him when he comes Rosa Camfield

This letter had no year on it. I think it must have been 1889 as we know that Fred moved back to his parents home in April 1889. In letters dated 1890 he will once again be living with his grandparents.

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