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Anna Camfield Carlisle, 29 April 1890

Buchanan Mich.
April 29, 1890

Dear Ashley

Orville came last evening brought your letter all right. I have been to town this afternoon. I tryed to make the money go as far as I could but it got away from me very fast. I went to Mr Helmicks and paid them $1.50. I went to the grocery and got some groceries and paid up all we owed there it was $7.56. I got cloth for Frank and Daniel some pants $1.44. Paid Mrs Voorhees $1.25 that settles my account with her and have not paid him for the house yet as she did not know how much it was and he was away. I got flour today $1.20 also a new

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Butter dish 10 cent and I hope you will be careful and not break it Orville says he willpaper the sitting room for us so I will get the paper when he is ready, he and Frank are drawing pictures just now. Mr Boyles brough another load of wood monday and says he will be ready and wants you to do his work the first week in June if you cannot do it he wants to know soon so he can engage some one else. I told him we would send him a postal as soon as I heard from you.
Jo Voorhees is working in Niles now he goes and comes with his horse every night and morning, he leaves there at 5 o'clock at night so I guess you could not get there quite in time to ride over but I guess he goes early enough in the morning so you could ride over monday mornings

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in time for the train.

Toley has finished the carpet. Ab did not come home, his wife went back friday he thought he could not get along with out her any longer. we have not had any letter from your Mother yet but she sent Frank a pacage of flower seeds 22 different kinds. If you do not come home sunday write and let me know what you think about doing Boyles work. a fire in town last evening one of those houses back of the waggon factory but they soon put it out. It is time to mix the bread so good night.

A. Carlisle

Sarah had mentioned something about pants for Daniel in her last letter.

I assume most of the people named were local business people with the exception of Toley who was a friend of Anna, s that I have not tracked down yet.

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