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Rose Graham Camfield, 7 January 1898

South bend Jan 7th '98

Dear ann and all the rest I am almost ashamed to write to tell you about the mittens at this late day but the children received them christmas morning and was pleased to get them, their old ones was geting thin they are thankful to you for them

we havent heard any thing from home since I wrote you we have been having Beautiful sleighing here

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Lilly Carlisles husband and little boy are geting well we havent had much sickness around here pearl had a letter from Orville Carlisle she writes to him some times, Lenore Eastwood is to be married in four weeks she is making her wedding clothes now his name is Wood he is a Traveling man Bell and her candy maker will be married about the same time they will have no wedding that is

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no reception they will go away and be married quietly, now it dont seem possable that we will be father and mother in law to so many people does it and such is life well I must close and hope you will write soon and all the news

Rose C

Lily Carlisle was Lillian M Carlisle Ghrist, sister of Ashley Carlisle. She was married to Thomas O Ghrist and they lived in Mishawaka, IN which is not far from South Bend. The child refered to was Glenn H Ghrist who was born 12 October 1894 in Indiana.

Pearl was my grandmother and Rose and Joe's third child. At the time this letter was written Pearl and Orville weren't yet related.

The ig find in is letter is the reference to Lenore Eastwood. Rose and Joe named their 5th and last child Leroy Eastwood Camfield. Lenore was the daughter of Leroy Eastwood. So far I can't find a relationship between the two familes other than friendship. I had always thought that Leroy's name might hold a clue to some as yet undiscovered family line.

It doesn't look like Anna and Ashley will be invited to Belle's wedding after all! Bell's "candy man" was Benjamin Marsh.

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