Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekly Rewind


The premier issue of the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival has been posted by Julie at The Graveyard Rabbit. An impressive selection of entries for a first edition! The GYR's are still multiplying faster than I can keep up and there were some that were new to me.

Thomas was our host at Destination Austin Family for the 67th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, Nobody's Fool. I found it interesting that this is Women's History month and women were featured in two thirds of the entries. The topic of the next carnival is a Tribute to Women.

The 74th edition of the Carnival of History is up at History Undressed. Hat tip to Jessica for this, as I had stopped following this carnival. There aren't that many entries so give it a look.

Weekly Reading

Miriam has posted the March Calendar of Events at AnceStories.

Check out Donna's Picks at What's Past is Prologue and Randy's Best of the Genea-Blogs at GeneaMusings.

John and I were married on the same day as Terri's grandparents and she has a lovely tribute to them at the Ties That Bind: Winter Wedding. Terri does wonderful photo restorations and is the Friday from the Collectors guest at Shades of the Departed.

Linda at From Axer to Ziegler found a very interesting item and a bit of a scandel that of course led to new questions. - Oh Susannah! Was this you??

It's Time for a Spring Tonic at Appalachian History. I can't help but wonder if Sarah Ann and Anna made this or something similar.

Sean on Family History has come up with an interesting Census Birth Date Calculator. Be sure to read Randy's comment about census dates! A handy little tool to quickly narrow down a birth date.

At Uphill Both Ways, JoLyn had a very touching story, Two Wrongs Never Made One Right. Stories like this bring our ancestors to life.

Terry talks of winning the lottery of life and her deep Seneca County Ohio Roots at Desktop Genealogist Unplugged. Then she followed up with a Wordless Wednesday post that broke my heart. She put it into perspective saying, "I know it seems so sad to see that shell of a house, but I'm glad it hasn't been torn down, so that I could at least capture it a photo." Her year of positive thinking is paying off :-)

I know the record should be there! How many times have you had that thought and been frustrated in your research? Diane "knew" where Nellie died - or did she? Check out her Tombstone Tuesday post at Random Relatives.

Mel has an interesting research project and is looking for help with - How do you research somebody who left no trail at The Research Journal. What suggestions do you have?

Larry brings up the question of privacy at Passing It On: Is This what Grandma intended? My family's letters are no where near as revealing as the story Larry talks about but it does make me stop and think about my sharing of the letters. How would they feel if they knew I was sharing them? Does it make a difference that they are a couple of generations removed? Does the content make a difference? So far my letters have been pretty mundane but in some later letters the authors tell what they really thought about other people.

Following on the heals of should we, I do very much enjoy reading the letters that others are posting and caught up this week with Lee's posts at Lineage Keeper. Lee shares more than the transcribed letters, including newspaper clips and bits of history to go with them.

I'm still playing catch-up (and probably will be for a long while yet!) but I really enjoyed Memory Monday: Our Edsel at Greta's Genealogy Blog.

For those of you with many feeds Jonathan, at Cheese and Beans, has a link to a site that will allow you to aggregate all of your feeds in one steam. I haven't tried it myself so if you do let me know how it works out.

My Week

I had a very stressful week at work. I love my job - most days.

I'm having a very hard time focusing on Genealogy right now as I have a terrible case of Spring Fever! No letters have been transcribed, no data bases have been mined, nothing, nada, zip. I have spent a good deal of time reworking my garden in my head :-) and catching up on work related reading :( I only have letters set to publish through the 10th - yikes that's only three more days worth! Stay tuned to see if I can get my act together here.

The Iditarod starts today and I'll be cheering on my cousin (by marriage), Robert Bundtzen. Who will you be cheering for?


Anonymous said...

I'm having the same problem! It's hard to sit in front of the computer-when the world is slowly turning green again and the dirt is calling to you!!

Greta Koehl said...

Thank you for the mention! Don't feel so bad about being a bit behind with transcribing. That's the resolution that I haven't been keeping at all, although I have been writing up a memory a week. Well, at least between the two of us we're not doing so badly overall! And seeing my crocus in full bloom today is driving me a little bit crazy....

Diana Ritchie said...

Thanks for the mention! I love to see what other people list in this type of weekly roundup - I always find at least one new blog to follow.

Terri said...

Thank you for mentioning my blog and my guest article on The Shades of the Departed - I was so honored that she would ask me to write it. I'm so happy that I joined the world of genealogy blogging, I'm learning so much from all of you experts!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm just learning my way around all the wonderful genealogy blogs. It's great to have a list like yours for a guide - thanks for including me on it!