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Elizabeth Warner Camfield, Feb 13, 1899

Batavia, Feb 13, 1899

Dear Aunt,

It is some time since I received your letter but will write now ubless something unforeseen presents. I have just finished a letter to Mabe Marsh. Grandfather is quite sick I guess, he has been ailing for a few days back and now he has been to bed and up again and has not know what his been doing, he wanted to put his coat on his feet and his shoes on over his slippers and vice versa when he did go to bed it was with his overalls on now grandma and Fred are trying to get him to bed. Grandma has a very bad cold and complains of her throat and lungs lungs being so sore. Fred had the ge__i_e grippe a week ago and isn't entirely over it. Earl has a very hard cold and has had a gathering in his head we think for it has broken and run a little. I have a cols with the rest

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but am not as bad as they. I started this letter last night and will try and finish for would like to get it off to day. Fred is going to see a doctor for grandparents - father especially he spent a very restless night hasn’t known anything he's been doing in the night or this morning he has been up this but they have got him back again. He went to sleep in his chair yesterday (as he always does) and fell on the floor twice nearly falling on the stove once so near that he hit his elbow on the fender, the other time he fell backwards against the wall and couldn't get he lay there nearly ten minutes I guess he wouldn't let me help him up, grandma was asleep and Fred to the barn, finally I went and told Fred and he came and got him up. This morning he fell again. You asked if they were failing, we think so although they don't show it much he not as much as her. We wouldn't be surprised if they should drop anyway any time nor if they should live on for years yet. If they get so

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that we think it necessary for you to come we will send for you. Why have you not answered grandma's letter telling that she would the rooster? you said you were sick when you wrote and grandma has thought so much about it, wondering if you were still sick that you didn't write. Earl can almost stand alone you know he will be a year old the 25 of this month but he is so heavy that we didn’t suppose he would try walking as soon as this. There is lots more I could tell you if I had time but must hurry. We have been very cold here but guess it is warmed this morning our potatoes, canned fruit and everything has frozen in the cellar. Good - bye. Write soon.


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