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Etola Robinson, March 18, 1899 (1)


South Bend. Ind. March 18

Dear Tamerson: I am a little late with my letter but my intention was good. I intended to write Thursday evening but we went to town and when we got back I wrote to Mrs. Gosline and by that time it was to late. then I thought I would write last night but then I had the sick headache and had to go to bed but this morning I am all wright.

My violin came all wright and I am very much obliged for the trouble they took. I am still working and

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the Minister's wife wants me to do some work for her and I have not done my visiting yet. it is such gloomy wether is all the time that we can not go any place it could not be bisy I should get homesick it rained nearly all night last night and is fogy and cold this morning. Daniel did not write me a very long letter. I am so glad your mother has got home I hope it will be pleasant this afternoon so I can go see Ruby. I suppose you are having the usual amount of fun at school? we have planed to go out to notre Dame while I am here if the roads only

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I am so glad Abb is geting better I would like so much to see baby.

I attended a lecture delivered by Rev. James Mc intire of Chicago it was fine. he was a witness of the Chicago fire and gave the grandest description of it that I ever heard or read.

I met Claud Mathew's mother on the st. car since I have been here I should not have known her but she spoke to me and asked me to call up on her but I guess the weather is not going to permit me to call on any one. There is lots of building going on hear

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your mother

Mr. Milbanks is a contractor he does not have any thing to do with the mason work but it seems to me if Ashly wants to work here there would be no trouble in geting a job.

well I believe I have writen all I can think of so will close was this time. write soon

From your friend

C Toley Robinson
Mrs I A Carlisle

Ruby Blanche Camfield was Tamerson's cousin.

Abb was Abner Robinson, Toley's brother.

I do not know anything more about the other people mentioned.

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Snowville, New York. 2009.
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