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Sarah Ann Camfield, Dec 31, 1898

Dec the 31 1898

Dear Children and grand children

we got your letter last night and was glad to hear from you but was sorry to you were sick hope you are better now we are all well Father and I am remarkably well for our age I think we have nether of us laid down and said we were sick in four or five years Fathers legs has troubled him some so he could not work for three or four weeks I do not do our washing any more since august I do my ironing and making and mending and help around the house and tend the baby a goodeal he is the heavist child it seems to me that I ever saw it is all I can do to lift him Fred and Libby have gone to Bronson today to her sisters to a family gathering they were all here thanksgiving we had a reglr

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from now there was 22 I blieve children and all

how long has Frank been gone we did know any thing about til last monday we got aletter from Rosa she said he was gone I had thought about him going but I thought he was so much a home boy he would not go I suppose you miss him very much but dont worry to much console your selves with the thought that the same Lord reigns in Cuba that does here I sympathis with you

from your Mother
S A Camfield

about the Rooster I would be glad to have him if Ashley dont think it ot much trouble to send him it seems to me like considerable company send him by the United States expriss to Batavia station
let us know when you send him so we will when to look for him

1898 was a very eventful year for the family.

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