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Elizabeth Warner Camfield, April 2, 1899

In her next letter Libbie is very chatty. She, Sarah Ann and Earl are all feeling better. Her mother hurt her back, so she has returned to her home and Libbie's father is caring for her.

She tells a little about her sister, Ola, and her brother-in-law, Bert Harris.
Well Uncle Ashley my father has been having a time keeping “bachelor's hall" ever since Ma has been here he has been over to Ola's taking care of things Bert's father, mother, and grandfather have all been sick at the same time at the other house (you know they live in their daughter's house) and Bert + Ola + children had to go over there and that left things to suffer for the want of care at their home so Pa is staying there he does the barn chores gets his own meals of course besides skimming the milk, churning and taking care of the butter. The Dr. said Berts grandfather might drop away any time and again prehaps he will get well. Ola has her hands full but yet they have good neighbors while here their hasn't been a neighbor woman only Mrs. Burks in the house since grandfather was buried. Mrs. B - hasn't been here for aweek now but she has had a bad swelling time with a tooth.

Mrs Plant, who was a neighbor of Sarah Ann's and who has been mentioned in previous letters has been staying with her nephew in Burr Oak.

Ola Warner was born in 1867 and married Bert Harris about 1890. At the time of this letter they had three children; Howard Harris, born about 1893; Laura Harris, born about 1895; and Norman Harris, born about 1897.

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