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Etola Robinson, Jan 1, 1900

The evening of the first day of 1900

Miss Tamerson Carlisle Buchanan Mich.

__ollow little girl how are you?

I suppose I shall have to write to you too or receve a custen lecture on paper. well I like to write to you but like better to get a letter from you. I think St. Nick. remembered you to some purpis this time. is your perfume any good I was not allowed to smell of it before buying so do not know bet I thought the size and beauty of the bottle would make it pas any way.

So that beautifull dog of Mrs. Keens had to be killed did it. well you know I never thought much of those dogs any way. I was over to Paulines Thirsday. was invited there to spend christmas but the people

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below wer going out so I took advantage of there absence to do my washing. had not washed for seven weeks only some stockings and handkerchiefs so it took me until four O'clock to get through. They that is Pauline and Viola had a Christmas Tree and it was very pretty even when the presants were of off it Viola got two sets of dishes and a big doll and several other things. she thinks I am pretty nice she calls me Ttoley and says she loves me a bushle

Well I stoped writing long enough to pope some corn and eat it so now will try and finish I still retain my tast for corn you could see lots of pretty things here Christmas time and there was a continual jam of people for days befor at the 10ct. store I wish you could have some of the lovly candy they sold there for 20 sts. per pound just the very nicest kinds. I tell you it made my sweet tooth quiver to look at it but I shut my eyes and pased it by and nuts I never saw such quantities of them in my life as I saw here for the holidays my! I could have a ful bushl

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of them would not I live fat this winter? well I believe this is all this time so good by and write again soon. from your friend Toley

well Tamerson I have re your present this morning and am very much obliged you made it yourself I know and it is very neatly done I lost the one you gave me last year but will try to hold on to this one. with many thanks Toley

Mrs Keen may have referred to Florence Kean in Buchanan, MI.

So far I don't know who Pauline and Viola were.

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Robinson, Etola (South Bend, IN) to “Miss Tamerson Carlisle”
[Tamerson Louisa Carlisle]. Letter. 1 January 1900. Digital Images 1-2.
Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Snowville, New York. 2009.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1900,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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