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Rose Graham Camfield, Dec 1, 1899


South Bend Dec 1st

dear ann and all of you
I have thought for some time of writing you a letter so will comence now as I have to write several others I have been real buisy since I saw you canned and preserved fruit of different kinds made some lovely quince preserves also tomato preserves besides Jells and other things then we sent some things to Freds folks Bell made the Baby a Cloak and Hood of white Eider down also some dresses and skirts

page 2

then one of my neighbors gave me a lot of things for the baby her own child had out grown them among them was a baby carriage as good as new a little chair and other things and we sent them all to Freds folks also a black wool hood for Grandma the Hood was a present to me and I did not wasnt it it is a real pretty Hood knit in a fancy stitch it will be warmer and better for her than the one Bell made last winter I also sent Robes and quilts for the baby so you see I have been real buisy my own work is a good deal and then if I think of some else it makes me awful buisy

page 3

Bell was here the other day she had just got a letter from freds wife they are all well I am going to write to Mother to night we want you to come and see us christmas and bring the children you would all enjoy it so would we our children havent missed a day yet Pearl starts to the new Building tomorrow morning it is called the colfax school building it is on our street three Blocks from our house Ruby and Leroy havent been transferred to the new school yet but may be any time the madison is very crowded

page 4

we all enjoyed Franks visit more than I can tell I spose all the more for him coming unexpectedly and then he is a soldier and that pleased the children especialy Leroy the thought it a great honor to sit on the fence and have a soldier walk past on our street but to have one in the house to eat with him and be here all the time was too much joy for him alone he told all the other boys and they came and looked to their hearts content, yes we all enjoyed the visit ever so much I spose he has Joined his regiment now

page 5

this is to Danel and Tamerson

well he will only be gone a little over a year and a year is awful short the time soon passes the children are talking of christmas Leroy wants a ship, the poor child hasnt heard any thing else but spanish and american ships for the past year no wonder he wants to own one, and Pearl wants Books and now I am ashamed to say that Ruby longs for a new doll I am tring to shame her out of it a girl almost eleven years old and playing dolls ann this page is for Danel and Tamerson it is to silly for you

scrap of paper, top cut off with scissors

the children all started to school last monday 4 dollars paid for their books and so that is over Mrs Slusser was in to spend the evening and mother and I are going in there before she goes Mrs Arnold is still alive and sends regards

well Pearl is going to mail this so good by

This is another letter where the year was added at a later date. I believe that 1899 is correct because no gift for Michael Camfield is mentioned. It should be noted that the letter is filed in the incorrect folder.

Frank was Anna and Ashley's oldest child and had been serving in the US Army.

When Rose says "this page is for Danel.." she has spelled Grandpa's name the way it was always pronounced. His name was spelled Daniel and he was named for a long string of Daniel Carlisle's, however he was always called Dan'l.

The scrap of paper at the end appears to belong to this letter is somewhat confusing. Rose's mother died in 1880 so when she refers to "mother" she is talking about her mother-in-law, Sarah Ann Wisner Camfield. On page 2 she seems to indicate that Sarah was still living with Fred and Libbie. Sarah did spend winters with Joe and Rose after Michael died but I don't know when that began.

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