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Etola Robinson, July 15, 1901

July 15 1901 5 11 A. M.

Dear Friend: I intended to write to you last evening nut it was so very warm that I could not bear to light a lamp Oh! isn't it hot?

I do not have to go away from home to work today was at home all last week and expect shall be this week do not think that menes I had nothing to do. I made me a new black scirt (it was goods that I purchased in Dowagiac when I was there and this is the first time I have had to make it up) riped up my white waist and made it over made me a new corset cover and fixed over a scirt for Mrs. Marshes' niece and cleaned house all day saturday now this week must make a waist for Sarah and do some work for Amelia. Amelia was sick all night saturday night and yesterday and did not fell well yesterday

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do not know how she is this morning as she is not up yet she is not a bit well any of the time had to lay off one day last week.

Sarah and Peater were hear a week ago yesterday on the excursion. I heard they are going to have one every two weeks why can not you people come over that way I do not know when I shall get over to B. but I think maby I can come on my wheel this autumn when it gets cool.

I attended the commencement exercises of the class of 1901 of the nurses training school last Tuesday evening there were only three in the class. There were five when I was at the hospittle but two of them droped out fore some reason. the graduates were dressed in white and had there caps on and there arms full of flours one of them read an essa on typhfoid feavor from a nurses stand point another gave a demonstration of the first bath and the other the _________ then there was nurse a speach ___

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the President of the bord of Diectors a paper by Miss Brenon and the presentation of Diplomas and of Badges it was all very nice this makes 14 graduates from this school. They are not in the new hospittle yet the carpenters' strike put it back some.

so you are having your usuall amount of company this summer and it seemes to me that Bell's consumption is not hurting her very much yet. I have not been over to Joes' for quite a while but when I was there they were making "Pop corn crisp" at a great rait it is very good and I guess they are doing well at it Rose has quit washing and devotes her time to it and Pearl helps with the Packing and they had a girl hired to help them. I have not had a letter from Bell since she went away although she promised to write but I expect she is very buisy.

I had a letter from Annie Meakes a short time a go she says Elsworth has been sick

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again they seem to have quite a time. I am so glad the children passed I expect they feel pretty good over it tell Tamerson I shall write her a letter soon but can not spare the time this morning wish you would let her come over and stay a while now that I am at home I think she would enjoy it so much and Ruby waits her to come so much. we will try to make it pleasant for her. well I must quit and get to busoling. give my love to Leib and tell her I am looking for an answer to my letter.

good by and write soon to your

It had been almost a year since Toley's hospital stay and yet she was still interested in the nurses. She's having trouble finding work. I'll say no more for now.

Mrs Marsh was the mother-in-law of Mabel "Bell" Camfield Marsh, daughter of Joe and Rosa. She and her husband, Ben, spent the summer working in Sandusky, OH as will be seen in a future letter.

Pearl was my grandmother. My mother thinks "popcorn crisp" was popcorn balls but she is not certain. If anyone has heard of it I'd love to know exactly what they were making. Prior to this letter I thought that the extra laundry that Rose did was for Joe's barber shop. Apparently she also took in laundry. Ruby was their other daughter.

Amelia Gosline was Toley's roommate. I'm guessing that Sarah and Peter Gosline were the visitors from Buchanan, MI. A little further searching and I find that Peter Gosline married Sarah Robinson, Toley's older sister. So Amelia was her niece, rather than just her roommate.

Elizabeth Vorhees was a neighbor of Anna's.

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