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Etola Robinson, March 30, 1902

South Bend Ind March 30th

Dear Annie: I can not remember the time when I heard from you but I think I owe you a letter has not this been a fine easter day? have not been any place to day intended to go to church but it was so stormy all day did not do ot wanted to go to hear the musis Paule Alfont was to play in the paptist this morning and the presbyterian this evening she often plays.

I wonder how you are all geting along? should like so much to see you. Rose called on me week before last but I was not at home.

am having plenty of work now and looks like it would continue all summer. I wonder what is the

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matter with Abb. have not had a letter from him since November and none from Lib since she was hear wonder if she hears from Walt I have not heard since they went from here.

I see by last nights paper that there is a chance of the electric road going through Buchanan after all if it does I think I shall get there more than once a year.

how are the kittens geting along expect they are as big as their mother by this time.

I expect you are thinking about cleaning house I am too but can have nothing new so so not feel very much enthused about it did want a new

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carpet so badly but can not have it but Annie I am almost out of debt have got Mrs Mccombs and Dr. Thomas paied. owe Dr. Myers a little do not know how much but do not think it can be over $5.00 Just think there is the savings of two years gone for a few weeks of illness but I am glad to get out of it that easy and be well.

I suppose you have read of the Singer strike it is apparently no nearer settlement than at first ecery thing is quiet and it has nearly reared to be spoken off.

Monday evening: will try and finish this letter this has been another miserable

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March is giving us a parting breeze well ought not to grumble it has not been very hard on us I have not had to buy any coal this month have only used $7.00 this winter and an other Dollars worth will take me through the spring and sumer I think.

do you ever go down to see Sarah? she and peater are boath poorly this spring wish we had them over here and nicely settled so we could take care of them.

give my love to the while family and tell Tamerson will write to her before long

write soon and I will try not to wate so long before answering next time. I am as ever your friend Toley

Abb and Sarah were Toley's siblings.

Toley's long hospital stay really cost her. I admire her for working to pay off the debt rather than buy things she wanted and put off the payments.

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Jasia said...

It is a real testament to that generation, that self-denial to settle one's debts. You still see that now but too often it's court ordered ;-) Like you, I greatly admire Toley. Not only does she pay her debts but she manages to keep such a positive attitude about her life. A great lady!