Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dad's Campfire Songs

Randy asked us to pick just one favorite song for this weeks Saturday night genealogy fun. Sorry Randy, I just can't do it! Music has always been a very important part of my life and I could never pick just one favorite.

My love of music is surprising because I grew up in a home without a radio. I used to love to ride in the car with Dad because he'd turn on the car radio to catch the news and sometimes forget to turn it off when the news was done. Mom would sing to us when we were little and my grandmother sang once in a while. I know all of the Gay '90's hits!

The only time Dad sang or showed any interest in music at all was around the campfire on our summer vacations. So for my Sunday morning fun I'll share my two favorite songs that he used to entertain us with. Picture us in a state campground singing these. I wonder what the other campers thought?

The first I have not been able to find the music for. The only place I've been able to find the lyrics in an old Boy Scout song book. Was Dad a Boy Scout? (Dad's lyrics varied slightly)
Once I went in swimmin'
Where there were no women
Down beside the sea
Seeing no one there
I hung my underwear
Upon a willow tree
Dove into the water
Just like Pharaoh's daughter
Dove into the Nile
Someone saw me there
and stole my underwear
and left me with a smile!
I don't care, I'll go bare
Bye - bye B V D's

This next one I sang to my kids and now my grandkids. They all think I'm nuts. I'd did find music to go with this one so feel free to sing along.

Washington & Lee Swing

Once again Dad's lyrics were slightly different from what I found.

We'll take the legs from some old table
We'll take the arms from some old chair
We'll take the neck from some old bottle
And from the sofa get some hair
we'll get some hair
We'll put them all together
With the aid of wire and glue
And we'll get more love
From the gosh old dummy
Than we ever get from you!

What songs did your family sing?


Janet Iles said...

Apple, I don't know either of those songs. Thanks for sharing these two songs.

When you ask what did we sing, I can't remember what we might have sung in the car. We had a record player at home and I still have some of the 78s, so I am sure we sang - Here comes Peter Cotton Tail and all the Christmas favourites too.

I will have to ask my sister to see if she remembers.

Jasia said...

So I'm sitting at Panera Bread this morning, enjoying a spinach and artichoke souffle and a Diet Coke. It's a quiet morning. There are people around but not a lot of them. I'm reading my feeds when I come across your article. So of course I have to click on it.

I'm reading about your family campfire songs and I get to the lyrics of the first one. I was trying to picture your mom and dad and little kids sitting around a campfire and that's when it happened. I burst out in loud gaffaws... could't contain myself! There were tears leaking from my eyes and people were staring at me like I was from Mars. It was hilarious and embarrassing all at the same time!

At least I wasn't sipping on my drink at the time so I didn't end up with Diet Coke coming out my nose ;-)

Thanks for the belly laugh, even if I did have to walk out of the restaurant with people staring at me!

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Janet - We sang all of the kids songs but I can't remember if we learned them at home or at school. We eventually got a turntable but the only albums I remember were a couple by Tennessee Ernie Ford. Christmas music was church choir and Girl Scout caroling and I probably drove Dad nuts practicing.

Jasia - Always happy to provide a good laugh! Now you've got me laughing and my husband is just shaking his head.

Tex said...

What a great post! We did have a radio and one of my memories is listening to my dad in the kitchen, whistling while he listened to the farm reports on the radio and cooked breakfast. Somehow your post brought all that that back.

I've never heard either of those songs either, which is a little bit surprising because between my grandparents and my dad, I've heard some doozies. My grandmother, too, sang me the oooooold ones--more from the roaring '20s, but old just the same.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Thanks Debra! I'd love to hear some of your doozies. I haven't share the tattooed lady song that I learned at girl scout camp yet ;-)

BDM said...

I enjoyed your post! BTW did the tattooed lady have a map of Ireland on her back ...? Maybe I've heard it :-D

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Thanks Brenda! I imagine there are different versions. The one I know - and on her back was a Union Jack and up and down her spine were the Queens own garden lines. LOL