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Francis Ashley Carlisle, Dec 12, 1906

Chicago Ill
Dec 12 '06

Dear Mother and All,

"you alls" letter recieved and was very pleased to hear from each of you. I think Tamerson has a good position indeed for Harry Binns has a nice store + is a nice man. If my memory fails me not he is allso a widower + my Darling Sisiter will soon be an old maid unless _______ well, well. who knows; They have many substitutes for "Leather" ui [?] these days.

You do very well on the type writer and we will be glad to recieve proffs of your skill often. You will be versatile young lady with your many accomplishments, a typewritest, a hattest, a store keepist, and other ests.

Dans reciept duly ay hand and find enclosed Ten Dolllars + 38/100 as another paymeny +interest for same. I owe just $700 Dollars more now, and if it don't worry others any more than it does me, it is a happy world.

Berl Geare require as much skill as any work I know of on the miller. Very few can do it. They can't in our tool room any way. My work here is different than any I have ever had before, and gives me experience that is valuable, I have built two steel bridges

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one for signal work in Chicago + one for __rsson Miss. and am at present at work on a new steel boom for a Locomotive unker [?] besides a lot of work of similal character. quite an experience in engineering. Yakes a lot of Geomemtry + fractions. Some times I think I would like a machine job but now I am to a large extent my own boss with my own time to do it in. There is also a constant change of scene for our plant covers about two hundred acres + employes 3,000 men. We are getting 34 c per __ but hope to have 37c or 36c by summer. It is a strictly union shop and as a result we have many priveleges not to be found in other shops.

The confinement to set [let?] house was difficult at first but do not mind it now. Each Sunday I have a Sunday School + preach in the evening in North Pullman about 1/2 houre walk from home. About 60 in attendance + we have a good time. I am my own boss now + if the people dont like what I say they know where the door is. Baby is exceptionaly well + hearty as is Frances allso, so we are very happy and contented. All send love. As ever.


Frank was very astute when it came to Tamerson!

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Carlisle, Francis Ashley (Chicago, IL) to “Dear Mother and All”
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Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Snowville, New York. 2009.
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