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Sarah Ann Camfield, May 18, 1906

South Bend may 18th 1906

Dear Children

we are well and hope you are also. for dinne yesterday and today we had lettuce out of our garden we have had five messes of dandoline grens already tis spring.

I got aletter from Aura Smith yesterday and one from Mrs. Bogardus wednesday she has been sick or something I think she has a shock of paralasis by her letter it is so mied up we could not make it out hardly she said she had been so she could not write nor read but little but hoped she had got over it

Pearl just got a postelcard from scotland it had 7 cents in stamps on it and Rose had topay 6 cents more

page 2

we are having such nice weather only it is pretty dry or it seems so to me the people are watering the gardens so much Rose waters hers three times a dany

my dress has lasted me good all winter it has so much better than it ever was before it goes on and off so much easier I have had to mend it twice once on the elbow and once on the hip the last place I should think of how id the plants Tamerson Ruby is looking for aletter from you or was a few day ago how is your umbeeld [?] doing Anna have you got done cleaning house we was only part of three days about it

page 3

Mr Houses folks have not come back have they is ther any one in Rolisons house is Miller still in their does the baby runalone

I have piced six since thanks giving when you was here I two block started towards one four of them are all set togather ready for the other tw are only blocks I sent one to Libby and gave one to the Salvation army that was plain nine patch Libbys was the phildelpha pavement all set toga [page folded]

well I guess I close for this time so good by

from your Loving Mother
S A Camfield

Page 4

Rose send you one of her big
Pansys she har the lages blossoms I think ever saw

I love the letters that mention the garden. I've never tried dandelion greens and don't believe I will but Sarah Ann seemed pleased to have them.

I believe Rolinson should be Robinson and refers to Toley's brother Abner and his family. Sarah Ann's spelling and writing have deteriorated a bit.

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