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Tamerson L Carlisle, Aug 2, 1907

Tamerson has extended her visit at her brother Frank's in Chicago. In this letter she sounds very critical of most of the people she writes about. She is not happy with the mysterious Mary's work ethic and a bit uncomplimentary about her sister-in-law and niece.

She also talks of meals or lack thereof:
Frank overslept 1/2 hour this morning + didn't get up until he usually starts. We did not have much bread + couldnt find a knife to cut it with + so had a great time. I am living on bread + milk and that is what the rest eat most of the time. Don't think the folks at home could thrive on what we do as we don't have potatoes three times a week even. Everything is so expensive and we use 4 or 5 loaves of bread each day. Frank takes a loaf for his dinner. Everything costs a farm. The telephone is a great convenience as we order everything thru it.

She talks of maybe looking for work in Chicago:
There are some good jobs offered in the city but I would rather work in Roseland. It is a poor time to work except in the large stores. I know how to go down to the city and back alone and would not be afraid to try to find any of the big stores. There are policemen all around in every direction + they are fine to direct. One day when Mamie + I were down in the very central district, the policemen began clearing the road of teams + soon a fire engine + wagons came through. A good many streets you can see by the no. on the house what street it is.

She also mentions her future husband, Harry Binns:
I wrote to Harry that I was not coming home last Sat. + he answered and said to stay + have a good time as far as the store was concerned. Also if I could get a good job here to take it up he advised. Lizzie has gone to Seattle, Wash. to stay indefinitely + business is picking up in the jewelry department. Most believe I could work more than Sat. if I was home + able.

Was Lizzie just another employee of Harry's or perhaps a family member?

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