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Etola Robinson, March 26, 1909

Medford Okla. March 26 1909

Dear Annie:

Tamerson writes me that you are not well; am very sorry hope you are feeling better by this time. am not very well myself and think there is nothing in this world that is so hard to bear as being sick; especily when one feels as though they must keep going as you and I do. am glad your mother is some better any way.

I have got to move. Thought I should go to Caldwell Kans. and told my land lord I was going and then made up my mind I would not go, but in the meane time he rented the house so I have got to get out. houses are very scarce and am not shure but shall have to go now. have one house on the string hear expect to know today if I can have it. have to get out by the first.

I have been making a switch and used $1.00's worth of your hair in it so will send you money in this. There is some left which I shall probably have a chance to use later. We are having pretty good weather now but not very warm, however the peach treas are coming in bloom. I did not know that Maggie had broken her arm untill Tamerson wrote me. how did it happen? have not had a letter from B. for some time.

Woolsey's have all had the grip and are not well yet have not seen Mae since the

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holidays. Melvin and family started back to their claim last friday. I am glad I do not half to go out their.

Well I believe I have written all there is to write so will have to close. Tell Tamerson I shall write to her as soon as I get settled and tell her where to address me.

Oh yes I must tell you that I have finished my embroyered waist except the bottons and botonn holes and it is a beauty it is in islet and french work and is a delicate pattern. Think I am geting pretty smart in my old days.

Well good bye I think you owe me two letters now but will let you off with one if it is a long one.

Remember me to all

With lots of love I am as ever
your friend

I'm confused. In Toley's letter of 10 January 1909 she mentions a five year contract. Now she's talking about picking up and moving to Kansas. And I haven't figured out who the other people that she references are yet.

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