Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekly Rewind

Weekly Reading

I really enjoyed, Talk to me, Aunt Elssa "Lena" Margheim, by Becky at Grace and Glory. I hope she finds more answers.

Karen Taylor took me on an interesting trip back in time through several archives in Great Britain. At Twigs and Roots she shares, Madness Monday: John Woodsell - Anglo-Indian not Scottish!

Do you know where the "baby hub" of the US once was? Heck I didn't even know there was one, let alone where it might be. Craig Manson explains at GeneBlogie with his post, The Florence Crittenton Homes.

Does it matter where you find a genealogical record? Thomas MacEntee discusses Sex Offenders Database as Genealogy Source? at Destination Austin Family. I remember a time when a post such as this one would have generated lots of comments. Head on over and weigh in with your opinion.

Miriam has resumed her series on building a following with Get More Traffic to Your Blog, Part 7: Check It at AnceStories. She also links to the rest of the series and even though I'm and old hand I've found some tips I could use.

Randy Seaver, at Genea-Musings, reminded me of a great Canadian resource that I hadn't looked at in the last couple of years. Read Kemp and Sovereen Lands in Norfolk County, Ontario to learn more.

Randy also tipped me off to Ruth's, Grandma's Genie Camp, at Genealogy is Ruthless without Me. I love what she did with maps!

With all the quilting that Sarah Ann did I couldn't help but love Dave Tabler's post, A body can take comfort in layin' herself out on the quiltin' of a patch quilt, at Appalachian History.

History on YouTube? Who knew! Elementary History Teacher talks about her favorites from the One Hundred Great American Moments in History and provides a link to the rest at History is Elementary.

Thanksgiving may be over but you have to read Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2009 at Margaret and Helen. And thanks to Lee Anders for sharing it.

Carnivals and Roundups

Bill West hosted the Great American Local Poem Genealogy Challenge at West in New England. Sorry I didn't participate Bill! Poetry is just not my thing - unless of course it is set to really good music and tells a great story. So I guess I could have submitted this or maybe this.

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings shared his Best of the Genea-Blogs.

John Newmark at Transylvania Dutch shared his Weekly Picks.


Please note that at the time of this writing the Blog Carnival site is down. If you cannot access the site to submit your post you can always email a link to the host for the next edition or leave a comment with your link on their blog.

Submissions are due tomorrow, November 29th, for the Canadian Carnival of Genealogy. This is a Carousel edition so pick your own topic. Kathryn Lake will be our hostess at Looking4Ancestors.

Tuesday, December 1st, is the deadline for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. The topic is Orphans and Orphans; to be hosted by Greta at Greta's Genealogy Bog.

The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories also begins Tuesday. Get the details at GeneaBloggers.

If you have a recipe you want included in the GeneaBloggers Cookbook you only have a few days left to submit it.

My Week

I spent a bit of time poking around the DAR's Genealogical Research Databases and found some new leeds on a line I've just started working on.

I dealt with a nasty virus on my computer. I no longer panic at the thought of wiping my hard drive and starting over but thankfully I didn't have to this time.

I enjoyed both participating and reading the posts for last weeks SNGF at Genea-Musings. Who is your MRU

With my schools being on different schedules I stayed in town all day Tuesday and Wednesday. I took my computer and transcribed a few letters, that I then lost to the above referenced virus :( I also spent a couple of hours walking the local cemetery. When I mentioned to a co-worker that I planned to have lunch there they were aghast.

The week was filled with family. On Sunday we all got together for Liz's birthday party in their new apartment. She's 7 already! On Monday the boys had a half day of school so John got them off the bus and brought them here. Tuesday was Sprout's Thanksgiving feast at school so I ran Twig home quickly between routes so he could run John ragged ;-) Wednesday we had Sprout and Twig overnight and took them with us for Thanksgiving at my sister's.

All in all a very good week despite the fact that I got almost nothing done!

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Thomas MacEntee said...

Ugh on viruses! Just an FYI - I've been using AVG 9.0 free version for 6 months now and I ditched McAfee and Trend Micro with their high yearly subscription cost. No issues so far - virus free!